Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Let's chat for a bit..

This blog post isn't going to be anything new for those of you that have hung out here for a while, but read on because there is a giveaway involved...

I am a reader.
I read entirely for fun and entertainment.
I mainly read romances and chick lit.
It's my escape from the stresses that a 15 yo and 2 yo bring to my life.
It is how I relax enough in the evenings to fall asleep
without being able to listen to Ben breathe beside me.
Ben has been gone 186 days.
During his absence, I have easily read 100-150 books (definitely more towards the 150 mark if you count all the books that I read twice) (did I mention that I read really fast?)

He gets home on Saturday!!!

Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled and excited so I thought that I would share a little bit of that with you with a little giveaway...some books, a bookmark, and card.

For my bookmark and card, I used supplies from Limelight Papercrafts and it just so happens that Mandy is having a HUGE clear-out sale and has the ENTIRE store 15% off!!! AND a fabulous promotion on the Unity Store kits...

Supplies used:
*Unity Stamp Co. Insightful Meadow
*October Afternoon Hometown Norms News
*KaiserCraft Chino Pearls
*Nestabilities labels diecut
*Martha Stewart butterfly punch

The two books I am giving away are book 2 and 3 of a trilogy by Stephanie Tyler about three military/special ops brothers. These books are wonderful with a really well thought out story lines and characters.

I had bought book 1 never having read this author before so I wasn't sure if I would want to read them all or not. There is a lot to book 1, sub-plots and such, but I knew that I REALLY liked the story so I went ahead and ordered #2 and #3, and I read it twice while I was waiting for these two to show up.

They took too long and I ended up buying these at WalMart before the ones I ordered showed up (you should be able to find book #1 at WalMart too.)

So this is what I am giving away.

Just leave a comment and I will choose a winner Saturday morning before I go pick up Ben at the airport.


Merilee Lane, Where Life is But a Dream said...

Your card and bookmark are beautiful! Thanks for an opportunity to win. I'm so glad your Ben is coming back on Saturday. One hundred eighty-six days is a long, long time to be gone! My husband travels quite a bit with his job and I am always so glad when he gets home. Enjoy yourselves when he returns.

jan farnworth said...

wonderful card and bookmark i really enjoying reading as well. been awhile since i picked up a good read so these look interesting.

joni said...

Oh Christi, I am so happy for you!!! Enjoy your weekend! Juan's been gone for 164 days and so we're only looking at a few weeks! Beautiful card and bookmark...I love looking at your blog for inspiration! Don't put my name in the hat as I'm busy re-reading some of the classics so I have my hands full....but what a great giveaway!! Enjoy your weekend my friend!!!

Ashley Newell said...

I am so happy Ben is coming home! YAY! You are so strong Christi! I really admire that! I also love your taste in books, I've read a lot of things I've seen on your blog. :)

Rita said...

I am so happy Ben will be home with you so very soon! You have all got to be beyond excited.

The card and bookmark are so gorgeous. Love them both.

Wish I did as much reading as you -- I love to read but don't always make the time for it like I should.

Bonita Rose said...

So happy the love of your life will finally be home safe and sound! Love your bookmark and your card.. I just bought me some of those donna downey stamps.. can't wait to get them! FUN.... SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with those!

KOstvig said...

Very pretty..great news that ben will be home soon..I bet you can hardly keep yourself contained

Kelly said...

I'm so excited for you that your hubby is returning home safe and sound.

That card and bookmark are gorgeous!!!

Sherry Campbell said...

Oh, the card and book mark are so stunning, Christi! I am so happy Ben will be home soon! Yay!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

WOWZA! I had to go back and read the rest of your post about reading and destressing and the giveaway because all I saw was Pink. Butterfly. Card. Bookmark! OMG SOOOOO gorgeous! What a great giveaway and beautiful work, girlie! Hooray for Saturday!!!

Stampin_melissa said...

The longest days will probably be the few just before he returns, but then you get to bask in his love and presence!! So happy for you! I have until January for my DH to return so I do envy you a bit (just a little bit though!) :D

I too love to read and don't fall asleep well with DH not home. I love to read military action (fiction & non-fiction) so I'm sure I'd enjoy these! I'll definitely check them out even if I don't win.

It is so sweet of you to celebrate your hubby's return with us! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day! Ben is finally coming home!!!!! Christi I am so happy for you...your husband is a hero and I want to personally thank him again for his sacrifice...and YOUR sacrifice to have him serve our country while you keep the house running! God bless you all!

As always, that book mark is adorable (always love your creations)!!!


Ravengirl said...

Christi, I am so glad that your hubby is coming home. I don't know how you do it. My hubby has only ever been gone for a month (and on a personal vacation, not serving our country). I hope the next few days speed by so that you can be reunited with him quickly!

Amy said...

Well of course if there are books involved you know that I am SOOO IN...and I haven't read this author before either so thanks for that too!! The bookmark and card are beautiful and I'm so excited for you that it's almost time for you to get your hubby back!!! I can't wait to see you guys!!

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