Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Life has been absolutely manic for the past week. It started out with a week-long cybercrop, followed by my mom coming into town, followed by DH and I leaving town for him to have a minor surgery, followed by trying to organize a nice luncheon on a C-130, followed by taking my mom back to the airport (her visit was WAY too short!), and all the while having a sick DS.

I am now seriously behind, trying to get DS into a doctor, and running a million plus one errands. Today had originally been my day (DH left to go out of town this morning). So I was going to get up, stay in my pj's or sweats all day and get the 20 or so projects started that need to be done by Friday. DH left, leaving me with several errands to run, DS woke up with another low-grade fever/ear-aches and a cough which is sounding more and more like bronchitis. So I already have a list of places to go for errands for the day and am waiting for calls back to see if we can go spend the day in Dr's waiting rooms.

It's never easy is it?

Needless to say, I am sorry that I have been absent for the last week, but it has been necessary.

Here are a couple more projects that I managed to complete from the Cottage cybercrop. The book is Dianne McInrue's design...she taught this awesome class for the cybercrop. LOVED it.

All of the events for the cybercrop were fantastic. The team really outdid themselves and I can't wait to play catch-up on all the events that I missed (which was a LOT).

This layout was from an art inspiration challenge at the crop.

But hopefully, life will calm down a little bit now and I can play catch-up...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dove of Goodwill Stamp Set...

Look at this new stamp set that Sue/Stamped in Ink has created!!! It is an absolutely gorgeous set for cards and I can already picture putting titles for scrapbook pages in that banner. She has outdone herself again and all the proceeds are going towards Samaritan's Purse which is a phenomenal charity organization. And with a price of only $12.99 it is a win-win for everyone!!! I can't wait to get mine in!!!

Samaritan's Purse is a charity organization which comes to the aid of the world's sick, poor, and suffering. This holiday season we wanted to do something to help them and their incredible work. As a stamp company, that aid takes the form of a stamp set, but this is not just any stamp set.

The dove has long been the symbol of peace and love and we have created this "Dove of Goodwill" to reflect that ideal. Measuring 3 3/4" x 3" tall this dove carries the message of love and good wishes to those that receive it. Featuring 4 phrase stamps which fit into the flowing banner, this stamp will be one that you use over and over again. And you can feel happy knowing that 100% of the proceeds from this stamp set will benefit Samaritan's Purse.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Day 1 of the Cybercrop....

Whoohooo! We are officially off and running! The Cropper's Cottage Free to Create cybercrop made it through day 1. I really have so much to do with everything going on this week, but I couldn't resist the inspiration flowing out of the cybercrop so I actually created 3 pages yesterday. 25 down...I am 1/4 of the way to my 100 layout til new stash goal!

This layout is based on a sketch challenge posted by Susie King. I love this layout. These are simply some flower photos from one of my trees out in my backyard. This layout gave me a chance to play with these Rhonna Farrer stamps that I got for my birthday...lots of fun!

This layout is based on an ad challenge. I had received this photo cropped this way and it was my only photo from the event so it was nice to be given a layout where it work.

Finally, this is a scraplift challenge. I scraplifted the corner detail from a layout from the talented Rita.

We are having so much fun and the classes today are to die for gorgeous!!!! My goal is to QUICKLY get all of my errands/chores done this morning so that I can play for a bit later today. I hope that you all will come join us!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Playing Dress-Up and Taking Time to Create...

Last night was the Air Force ball to celebrate the AF's 59th birthday. It was a lot of fun!!! The 82nd Airborne Chorus came and sang and OMG!!! They were absolutely fantastic. We are talking chills!!! So great!!!

It was a fun evening. I don't dress up like this very often. Actually, I couldn't even tell you the last time that I wore a skirt, but I really loved this dress. What you can't see is the fact that there isn't much of a back to this at all and all the tape underneath those straps to keep this dress on. It was cut on the bias so if it wasn't taped, well then bad things might happen, but DH secured me in well.

In other news, it is time to get Creative!!!! This morning is the start of the Cropper's Cottage Free to Create Cybercrop. We kick everything off at 9:00 this morning and then go for 7 days until 8:00 Saturday night. We have lots of fun things planned. This CREATE banner is my class which will be up at 10:00 this morning.

Here is the schedule for the week:
Sunday, September 17th (all times are EST)
9:00 am… Welcome to the Free to Create Cybercrop…Challenge… Christi Snow
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
10:00 am… Class…Signs of Inspiration …Christi Snow
11:00 am… Challenge... Inspire your Creative Muse … Kim Rayas
2:00 pm… Challenge… Freestyle Blueprints … Susie King
4:00 pm… Challenge… Impression Obsession… Linda Peterson
6:00 pm… Class… Freedom of Speech … Rita
8:00 pm… Challenge… Feeling Chippy… Shannon Allor
9:00 pm… Game… Bingo Blast (will have new words every night at 9:00)… Pam Posch
10:00 pm… Challenge…Come, Play with Me… Mou Saha

Monday, September 18th (all times are EST)
8:00 am…Challenge…Journaling with Rita Barrick
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
10:00 am… Class… Details & Dreams … Dianne McInrue
11:00 am… Challenge… CREATE … Christi Snow
12:00 pm… Game… So here’s the Story… … Rita Barrick
2:00 pm… Challenge… Photo Party… Dianne McInrue
4:00 pm… Challenge... Purple Passion … Mou Saha
6:00 pm… Class... Creating Art … Pam Posch
7:00 pm…Live Chat…Ana Cabrera from SBA
8:00 pm… Class… Freestyle Fun … Susie King
9:00 pm… Bingo Words
10:00 pm… Challenge… Shaping Success … Linda Peterson

Tuesday, September 19th (all times are EST)
8:00 am…Challenge…Journaling with Rita
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
10:00 am… Class… Coming Out of Your Box … Pam Posch
11:00 am… Challenge … Eye Catching Inspiration … Kim Rayas
12:00 pm… Game… Scramble Madness… Carolyn
2:00 pm… Challenge… Making Your Mark … Susie King
4:00 pm… Challenge… The Color Effect … Lisa Simon
6:00 pm… Class… Correspondence Art … Pam Posch
8:00 pm… Game… Guess How Many??... Shannon Allor
9:00 pm… Bingo Words
10:00 pm… Challenge… Terrific Threes … Christi Snow

Wednesday, September 20th (all times are EST)
8:00 am…Challenge…Journaling with Rita
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
10:00 am… Class… Old Stash, New Style … Cari Fennell
11:00 am… Challenge…Freestyle Curves… Cari Fennell
12:00 pm… Class… Creating With Color … So You Think You Can Teach Winner… Mary Jo (Acrobat)
2:00 pm… Challenge…All That Glitters Isn’t Gold…Shannon Allor
4:00 pm… Class… A New Shape for Patterned Paper … Susie King
7:00 pm… Live Chat… Leslie Ayers from SBA
8:00 pm… Class… Tag, You’re It! …Linda Peterson
9:00 pm… Bingo Words
10:00 pm… Game… Fake Product Invasion … Carolyn
10:00 pm… Deadline for pre-crop Scraplift Challenge

Thursday, September 21st (all times are EST)
8:00 am…Challenge…Journaling with Rita
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
10:00 am… Challenge… Technique Thursday … Christi Snow
11:00 am… Class… Recipe for Success … Marnie Bushmole
12:00 pm… Game… Product Hunt… Carolyn
2:00 pm… Challenge… Layouts Can Be Sew Wonderful… Dianne McInrue
4:00 pm… Challenge…Break a Rule … Mou Saha
6:00 pm… Class… Artsy Altered Albums … Linda Peterson
9:00 pm… Bingo Words
10:00 pm… Challenge…Crossover Creations … Kim Rayas

Friday, September 22nd (all times are EST)
8:00 am…Challenge…Journaling with Rita
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
10:00 am… Class… Colors of Friendship … Mou Saha
11:00 am… Challenge… Artistic Muse … Christi Snow
12:00 pm… Game…Finding the Right Word … Linda Peterson
2:00 pm… Challenge… Express Yourself… Christi Snow
4:00 pm… Challenge… Dynamic Doodles … Susie King
6:00 pm… Game… Who’s that Artist?... Carolyn
8:00 pm… Class… Designing Digitally… So You Think You Can Teach Winner…ScrappyGuy (Gary)
9:00 pm… Bingo Words
10:00 pm… Challenge… Patterned Paper Philosophy… Christi Snow

Saturday, September 23rd (all times are EST)
8:00 am…Challenge…Journaling with Rita
9:00 am… What’s for Dinner?
9:00 am… Challenge… Sketchy Solutions … Carolyn
11:00 am…Class… Ana Cabrera from SBA
12:00 pm… Challenge... Stash Be Gone… Shannon Allor
2:00 pm… Class… Ambitious Binders … Lisa Simon
5:00 pm… Final Challenge (timed!!!)… Christi Snow
8:00 pm… Party!

I hope that you can find time to come play with us!

Friday, September 15, 2006


This is the current view of my scraproom. Frightening enough that I have let it get this bad, but even more so when you consider the fact that this room is also my guest room and where my mom is going to have to sleep in just 4 days. So, guess what I am doing today! LOL!!! It is time to get my magazines under control...major purge coming.

I am also STILL working on that to do list from Wednesday! Aaccckkk! Combine that with the fact that I also just remembered that I need to do the artwork and writing 2 articles this weekend, I think that I am going to have to give up least for the short-term.

But the fun news (whether I am actually ready for it or not) is that the Cottage Cybercrop is starting this weekend. Officially, it starts Sunday morning, but I will be posting a fun precrop challenge tomorrow to kick the weekend off.

Lots to do, but it is all fun so I am excited. I also am really hoping to get a couple of layouts done today...I have to get that layout count may be time for some scraplifting! :)

Mom, I can't wait til you get here and I promise that I will have a livable space for you here before you come!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So much to do....

Do you know what it is like when you have so much to do that you don't even know where to start? That is where I am at today! The cybercrop starts in 4 days, my mom is going to be here in 6 (YAY!!!!!), and we are leaving town in 7! Aaccckkk! So much that I have to get done!! After wandering aimlessly this morning trying to focus on one thing, I finally made a list of things that must get done has 16 things on it. UGH! But I can mark one thing off now...I have blogged...I am sorry that it is such a pathetic entry today! LOL!

On the layout front, I have 22 layouts done for my 100 layouts til new stash challenge, but I am going to have to start working faster. There are some really awesome things showing up in the stores that I want to buy!!!

This is a layout that I did for the store over at the Cottage. Really easy, but I like the look of it. Simply lots of punches of the WRMK Diner line.

Happy hump day everyone!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Bet You didn't know...

...that I am a shoe girl! I adore shoes especially totally impractical girly-girl shoes.

Yesterday I had to run a quick errand in town. Not much fun and only a five minute errand so I decided to make a quick stop in at Kohl's to look at shoes. We have a ball to go to next weekend and I needed to find some shoes for the dress that I think (?) that I am going to wear. *Aside...I have 3 dresses hanging on the door to choose from. DH has chosen his favorite, but it has a lot of skin showing so we will see how the water-retention is going the day of the ball as to whether I wear it or not. LOL!*

So I walk into the shoe section of Kohls and they have row upon row of shoes for...get this...$10!!! OMG! How many can I carry??? I walked out with $200 worth of shoes for $42 after tax. I only quit shopping because I couldn't carry anymore, but I am seriously thinking about going back today. Did I mention that I REALLY like shoes???

I adore the way that these tie into a little bow on the back. Can you say CUTE??? Loving all my new shoes!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Beautiful Life...

This is something that I have been thinking about lately as I make the blog rounds. There are many blogs I visit simply because of the beauty of them (Posie Gets Cozy is at the top of that list.) These are places where it feels like you are entering into someone's welcoming home where everything is beautiful and peaceful and is the kind of home that I want to create for my family. There are so many little things, little touches that you can do to make life a little bit more pleasant and I have come no where close to that in the last year or so. I am going to try and do better.

With that in mind, I created this layout which is actually something that I am going to frame up and hang in my bathroom to remind myself of my goals. The photo is from Mt. Vernon, but is simply a reminder of a beautiful vignette that I can create anywhere in my own world. The quote is one that Rita posted on her blog a few weeks ago which I found to be very profound, and it says, "It is never too late to be what you might have been." --George Eliot

The papers on this are Basic Grey- Lily Kate although the base and corner are from Wild Asparagus. The chipboard and flowers are Heidi Swapp and I am not sure where the metal frame came from...

This layout is one that I did for the Cottage using KI Memories. A collage of more photos from Mount Vernon.

My layout count is now at 19 out of my 100 layouts to create before I can buy new stash.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well, this is what I came up with using that Hardy Boys creative prompt. Supplies used:
*Making Memories ledger paper
*Rebecca Sowers Bookworks papers
*The Crafters Workshop Lettering templates
*Purple Onion Designs small frame stamp
*7 Gypsies gaffer tape
*hero arts pixie alpha stamps

I am working on DT layouts for the Cottage today and right now I am at 18 layouts done out of my 100 layouts til I can buy new stash. I am getting there, but think that I am going to have to slow down here pretty soon. I feel burn-out coming...

I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Prompting Creativity...

I have been having a play with challenges today.

This was one of the september challenges over on the Cottage. The challenge was to create a layout using 90% Chatterbox product and this is my result. The only thing on here that isn't Chatterbox is the brown cardstock and the Heidi Swapp flowers.

This is the layout that I did using the Heidi Swapp packaging as inspiration from yesterday's creative prompt. It's a very simple layout, but I think that it works.

And for those of you that are keeping track (I know that I definitely am!!!) My layout count is at 16 for my 100 layouts til new stash goal. I have also started stashing away money everytime I get a layout done ($1/layout) so that I can have a fun, guilt-free shopping trip when I reach my goal!

Now here is the next creative prompt. This was another challenge from the do a layout based on the cover of a children's book. I think that the office supply touches on this Hardy Boys cover will make for a really fun layout and am hoping to get to this tonight. I love productive days!!!

I know that a lot of you are still having comment issues. I am sorry! If you ever want to get hold of me, you can always shoot me off an email (I thought my email address was in my profile, but now I don't see .)


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Tuesday hello...

The day after Labor know what that means...Autumn is on the way. I love autumn. It is definitely my favorite season! I love the colors, the briskness in the air, the football games, hot cocoa, Halloween, I love it all!!!

There are still Blogger beta issues. If you are on blogger (the original version) then you can only comment anonymously. On the other hand, it is the same for me on your blogs. Because I am on beta, I can't comment on normal blogger blogs anymore so I will be leaving lots of anonymous comments. I will try to remember to add my name, but may only remember the smiles... part of it so if you see that, it was me coming by and saying "hi".

Here is layout number 14, 86 to go. This is another layout from our trip to Mount Vernon. The journaling says, "Mount Vernon- an incredible place which embodies George Washington's brilliance. From the perfect setting on the Potomac to the dove of peace on the weathervane, every detail was foreseen-much the way that he started this country. A great man and a great place."

Supplies used: Provocraft patterned paper (base), Wild Asparagus papers and embellishments, Heidi Swapp Chipboard Alpha and clock, ribbon, Purple Onion Swirl stamp.

I thought it was time for another creative prompt and love the designs of Heidi Swapp's packaging so this is the next creative prompt. You can use this to inspire an entire layout, embellishment only, or even simply a card...just let it inspire you some way and then come back and share a link with us (even if you have to do it anonymously! :D )


Monday, September 04, 2006


Happy Labor Day!!! I have been laboring away in my scrap room this weekend (can it really be called laboring when I am having so much fun? I don't think so...) My '100 layout til new stash' count is now at 13 done, 87 to go. There are several of us doing this and for those that are keeping track, I am going hard-core. Only layouts count for altered projects, cj's, or cards. Only things that can count on my layout score for the year. Why? Because I have way TOO MUCH STUFF. LOL!!

This was another layout that I did to feature some more of the gorgeous Stamped in Ink stamps. The journaling says, "Jacob- Age 11...gritting his teeth as Mom takes yet another photo. He's really too cool for this, but he loves me enough to try and please me."

Supplies used:
*K&Company patterned papers
*Stamped In Ink Simply Put
*Stamped In Ink Rounder
*CTMH inkpads
*notebook paper
*natural cardstock

This layout was done for a challenge over on Create My Keepsake. The challenge was to use 6 patterned papers (I used 7), 10 buttons (the centers of my flowers), 4 ribbons (I used 8), 3 flowers (I used 10), and at least 2 photos (I used 6). This is definitely not my normal style, but I loved the challenge of it and I am really happy with the layout!

I hope that you all are having a great holiday weekend and getting some scrapping done. I will be back later in the day. Hopefully with some new creations and maybe a creative prompt. It's been a while since we had one.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fun with Stamped in Ink...

I have been having tons of fun playing with my Stamped in Ink stamps lately and here are some of the results. All of these projects feature the alpha postage set.

This card also features the Hodge Podge set. The solid purple patterned paper has been stamped using one of the stamps from this set and I love the way that the alpha postage seem to be just the perfect size for the crow's sign. The other papers on this are from Making Memories Boho Chic.

For this Moments Like These layout, I also used the sewing room stamp set as well as one of the Scenic Route strip papers. Really quick and easy layout.

For the Examining Our Heritage layout, I again used the sewing Room stamp set (I am getting where I use that stitched line on makes such a great finishing detail) and one of the stamps from the Hodge Podge set for that 7 Gypsies tag. The papers on this are from Wild Asparagus.

Oh, and go check out the Stamped in Ink website! Sue has just uploaded some great new custom stamps (scroll down the custom stamp page to see the new ones). I know that I am definitely getting several of them...esp. the ones for Christmas!!! So much faster!!

My goal today is to get another couple of layouts done using some of the other sets and I need to do a bit of computer work for The Scrapbook Magazine (no matter how early I get my artwork done, I always put the computer work off til the last minute/deadline...LOL) Sorry Natalie!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Quick post...

Just a quick post of a layout that I just did simply for fun and to knock another layout off of my layout count til I can buy new stash (10 down, 90 to go). Some more photos from Mt. Vernon...the farm part of it. I used the Deja Views new stack and a couple of stamps (Stamped in Ink, Purple Onion, and Hero Arts).

I hope that everyone is starting off the weekend well...we are off to go out to eat.

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