Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Life has been absolutely manic for the past week. It started out with a week-long cybercrop, followed by my mom coming into town, followed by DH and I leaving town for him to have a minor surgery, followed by trying to organize a nice luncheon on a C-130, followed by taking my mom back to the airport (her visit was WAY too short!), and all the while having a sick DS.

I am now seriously behind, trying to get DS into a doctor, and running a million plus one errands. Today had originally been my day (DH left to go out of town this morning). So I was going to get up, stay in my pj's or sweats all day and get the 20 or so projects started that need to be done by Friday. DH left, leaving me with several errands to run, DS woke up with another low-grade fever/ear-aches and a cough which is sounding more and more like bronchitis. So I already have a list of places to go for errands for the day and am waiting for calls back to see if we can go spend the day in Dr's waiting rooms.

It's never easy is it?

Needless to say, I am sorry that I have been absent for the last week, but it has been necessary.

Here are a couple more projects that I managed to complete from the Cottage cybercrop. The book is Dianne McInrue's design...she taught this awesome class for the cybercrop. LOVED it.

All of the events for the cybercrop were fantastic. The team really outdid themselves and I can't wait to play catch-up on all the events that I missed (which was a LOT).

This layout was from an art inspiration challenge at the crop.

But hopefully, life will calm down a little bit now and I can play catch-up...


Anonymous said...

((HUGS)) I thought maybe you were recouperating from the cybercrop -- I didn't realize life was so crazy, you poor girl! I sure hope DS feels better soon! Hang in there! Things are bound to slow down soon! ((HUGS)) -- Rita

Linda said...

Hey Christi...well you really deserve a huge pat on the back on a job well done with the cybercrop! You are AWESOME! Hope DS gets better soon. And that you can get caught up on things!


Missy said...

Wow, you have been so busy. Sorry to hear about your DS and hope he is on the mend fast. That book looks Amazing. I sure hope you get some Christi time in there somewhere today. -Missy

Cami said...

you busy girl you! sounds like you need a breather! Hope your DS feels better soon and things slow down a bit for you now. :) HUGS!!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Hope DS is feeling better. We've escaped the bugs going around and am so thankful! Love that book and of course the LO is beautiful.
Sandy :)

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