Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Tellings...

Good afternoon! Wow! It is just a fantastic day here today...mid 70's. You would never guess that it is still winter. Days like this just invigorate me!

Well, I wrote those first two lines 4 hours ago. LOL! You have to love life with a little one that is getting around these days. And with that new-found freedom of movement comes the opportunity for more mischief. She got in trouble for the first time today. She was chasing poor Junior the cat and just refused to leave him alone so I got onto her and made her cry. I hate that! :(

And speaking of making her cry, we were out at Michael's today and there was this wonderful little old lady just cooing and talking to her. Kat lasted about a minute before the lip quivering and the tears began. She just cannot handle strangers at all.

Funnily enough, she is not too sure about me either if I change something up. I wore my hair up in a ponytail today for the first time in a few months (Kat tends to pull it out of my ponytails so I pretty much have given up styling it at all), but this morning I wanted it out of my way so I pulled it back. I went and got her up from her nap and she kept looking at my head. You could tell she wasn't too sure...definitely not her normal smiley self when I pull her out of bed. So we sat down at the table and I started feeding her. She lasted all of three bites before she burst into tears. I took the ponytail out and she was fine. LOL! I have a feeling that she is not going to handle change well at all! It was a pretty traumatic day for her...

I have a few projects to share today. This first is a layout of some more of those old photos that I have been scrapping lately. These particular ones were taken in May of 1975...Mom and I have spent days figuring out the date on that. LOL! That's my dad and me on the horse out at my Grandmother's family ranch.

Daddy & Me
Supplies used:
*Bohemia paper (left)
*Tres Jolie paper (right)
*Fancy Pants journaling card
*scroll stamp
*Inque boutique stamp (ampersand)
*Doodlebug alpha stickers
*MM journaling block

For this second layout I scrapped a photo of my mom and Kat that I took when she was here in November. Is there any doubt where she gets those gorgeous blue eyes from?
Blue-Eyed Beauties
The design of this layout is based upon Sketch This sketch #42. Everything on this is Making Memories (some more of that gorgeous Chelsea's Place line) except for the Doodlebug alpha stickers.

Finally I have a card to share. I haven't experimented a whole lot with hybrid, but Prima offered a free candy bar wrapper download to celebrate the opening of their hybrid division. I loved the style of it so decided to try to integrate it into a card. I simply printed off in the 5x7 size onto cardstock and built my card around it.
Lovebird Card
Everything on here is Prima except for the buttons, the velvet rickrack, and the Love and bird stamps(Inkadinkado.)


Amy said...

how cute that she cried because your hair was different...the layouts are awesome and that photo of your mom and Kat is beautiful!

Nancy said...

more pretty layouts!! Will you pleeeeaaase send me some of that 70's weather. It was close to 48 today and lots of snow melted, but tonight and tomorrow they are calling for 7 to 10 inches. YEAH MICHIGAN :(

Alison Gibbs said...

Isn't it funnyhow they feel safe when things are always the same.

Theresa said...

Love the LOs, and thanks for the Prima "tip", that card is FAB. I'm thinking of dowloading some of those paintables after I've "played" with the wrapper!!
Hmm, wonder if little miss will be "telling" you to change your hairstyle when she is a teenager, you know, when us Mothers go through our "you're so old-fashioned" period!!
70's!!! I was grateful we reached 30's yesterday and could walk to school, but guess what came down last night? It's getting very old now!!

Rita said...

How dare you put your hair in a ponytail without asking Kat first! How rude! ;) Poor little thing -- I think that is so funny!

Your layouts and that card are just beautiful! Really elegant!

You have a little award on my bloggity blog (and I know I'm not the first to give it to you!):)

dianna said...

Love them all~

Carolyn said...

Barnes & Noble is dangerous... LOL I seen your post about your visit, and I wanted to get the new Artful Blogging, so I headed there today and picked up 3 books, put 2 back. LOL I just noticed that Amazon is cheaper on their books, and free shipping. hmm When you need a book fix, you act on impulse and B & N is sometime the fastest & most dangerous. LOL

Love the newest layouts & card, cute work with the hybird prima

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