Sunday, November 11, 2007

Part 2 of today's blogging...

Welcome to blog post #2 for the day. If you didn't see my blog post from earlier today, take a look at it down below. It is still quite astonishing!

Today's post is a bit random, but hopefully you will bear with me. I do finally have some art to share, but first I must confess...I broke my rule on Friday...I did not finish my article. Kat decided at 10:30 am that her napping was through for the day so I flat didn't get a chance to get it done on Friday (because it is hard to type with a little one trying to help.) And since I didn't get it done Friday, there was no rush to get it done over the weekend since I doubt my editor will look at it until tomorrow. So I have completed some art without first completing my article. BUT the article is next on my list of things to do today (after I finish this blog post!)

But back to the art. It isn't anything too astounding today. I was definitely in a blue and brown mood. First, my card.

This card features another one of the Rubber Romance stamps. I also used one of the Inque Boutique stamp sets to make the Relax sentiment. The papers are Prima and the brad is Making Memories.

Now to talk about gratefulness. Yesterday I never got the chance to post what I was grateful for so I have two things to post about today.
Grateful #1:
Yesterday I was grateful that DH is here right now to do things like watch Kat while I go to the store. Starting in January, he is deploying so I try to really appreciate those things while I can.
Grateful #2:
My SIL, Alison, started a blog a few months back and all of us siblings tend to have way too much fun in her comments section. I am so grateful for that connection to my family who all live about 1500 miles away. Thanks, Alison!

And now for my second art piece to share. Back when I started the 21 day challenge here, I created a small journal to keep my daily lists and food journal in. I have continued doing that ever since and my current one is about full so it was time to make a new one. This is my new journal:

I used my new Cornish Heritage Farms/Thomas Kincade stamp. I also used a Rhonna Farrer snowflake swirl stamp, another MM brad, and Basic Grey Figgy Pudding papers.

And that is where I am going to have to end today's post. I have more to talk about, but this post has already taken me an hour and a half and the guys are home now, so I probably should go spend a little bit of time with them before Sunday is over.


Nancy said...

I'm so loving all your cards and projects. The newest photos of Kat are adorable.

Jayne said...

Great cards.... LOVE the bubbly tubby stamp!

Alison Bryant said...

I love the journal! Just my style.

Awww, thanks for the mention, too. I'm grateful that y'all take the time to "hang out" there.

Alison Gibbs said...

I love the Relax card. The colours are fabulous.You sure were in a blue and brown mood - the journal is great.

Amy said...

more great art Christi!

Rita said...

That bubble bath stamp is so great -- I would totally frame that card and hang it somewhere to remind myself to RELAX! ;)

Your journal is so beautiful. As always! I have been in a brown and blue mood myself. It's such a calming, pretty combination.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I'm just wizzing through to say I've been here. As usual Love all that you do.
Was he bare footed? Amazing!
Now I've got to go check out the comments in your sil's blog.
You tease.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

OK, you're right. You'll have way too much fun.

Carolyn said...

Girly I love the new journal, and the fact that you got some BG figgy pudding paper to work with. I'm still "figless" but not for long. I can't go without my BG for long. LOL

Love the card too, and I hope you have article completed now.

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