Tuesday, January 31, 2006

slowly checking them off...

altered ambitions
One more HOF assignment done!!! One of the assignments is to do a layout with 10 pics, 1 title, 1 journaling block, and 3 accents. That's the one that I did last night and get this, it is a single layout...without anything hidden and I actually did NOT use any of my thumbnail sized pics. It's a little mind-boggling to think about, but I am really pleased with the way that the layout turned out. Only 4 more layouts to go and then to put it all together to mail it next Monday...

I know that I gave you an creative prompt/inspiration piece yesterday, but I am going to add to it today. One of my assignments from HOF is to use an inspiration piece to do a layout. I have decided to use this gift that Pam had on her blog that a friend sent her. I want friends like this...isn't this set absolutely gorgeous!!! Red is my all-time favorite color and I adore the french country look to this so this is what I am going to use for my inspiration! I cannot wait to get started on it....just have to find pictures that will work...I am thinking some of my shots from France! ;)

On other news, DS is feeling really well today...amazing what antibiotics can do for you! But he is still contagious so I, once again, am having fun with him today. Seriously he is a good kid and is really supportive...he will give me opinions when I need them on what I am creating. OT...I am a bit worried...his 11th birthday is next week and over the weekend, he had his first zit!?! I am sure part of that was because he was sick, but am I ready to handle a teenager??? Aaaaccckkkk!

Have a good Tuesday!! Tomorrow, the DT stuff at Croppers Cottage goes live. Whooohooo! I cannot wait to share some of the stuff I have been working on!

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Creatively Lisa said...

OOOOH! Cristi, I am loving your creative prompts. Keep them coming.

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