Monday, January 16, 2006

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altered ambitions
My DH is in the air force and my 10 yo DS is constantly pretending to be in the army. We live on a military base and tend to spend our free time going to military museums and sites, which is all good and fine, but out of self-defense, I find myself getting more and more girly as the years go by.

I love shoes, purses, and ultra feminine jewelry, but for the most part, my girliness is only reflected through me, not necessarily my home, but that has changed with my scrap room. First of all, almost all the art in there has been done by me so it is going to have an edge of girliness to it.

But like most scrap rooms, it is in a bedroom which is only lit by a single light in the center of the room which is certainly not ideal for my late night scrapping. So for several months now, I have been looking at other alternatives...very girly ones! And this weekend, I found the perfect lighting!

This chandalier was at Bombay for $47. What a steal and EXACTLY what I was looking is, oh so, girly AND it has 3 bulbs while still being rather smallish so it gives off fantastic light for my table. I love it.

Even DH agreed that it was a good solution esp. after I showed him the difference that it made in my lighting. His only concern was my poor father who will have to sleep in that room when he comes to visit because it is also our spare bedroom. LOL!

I hope that you are having a good Monday!

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