Tuesday, January 24, 2006

even housework can be inspiring!?!?

altered ambitions
Okay, so today I was doing some housework (I know, I was a bit shocked too!!) and thinking about what to do for a creative prompt for today when I saw this box. This is my trash bag box from Target, but I think that it will make a great inspiration piece. Look at those curves, circles, and even the little red tab that says how many trash bags there are. It's a perfect inspiration piece. So your creative prompt for today is to use this box as inspiration for a layout or card. I will upload my results tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Christi!!! Caught up with you at last! Blog looks fab and .....you've been tagged!!

Jo x

Unknown said...

what an awesome looking challenge...now to actually get a chance to do some paper crafting!!

Amber Hight said...

lol! Cute, thats a true scrapbooker, can find inspiration from anything! I'm diggin those colors!

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