Saturday, January 28, 2006

office supplies and colors

altered ambitions

Now for today's creative prompt. This is another creative prompt that has come out of me actually doing housework this week!?! Do you think that God is telling me that I should do housework more often?!? Surely not, this must be simply my reward for doing it this week...LOL! These were my sweaters drip-drying and I thought that it turned out to be a really interesting color combo so the prompt today is to use this color combo on a project. And if you can't see the colors clearly, they are chocolate brown, blue that radiates from grey-blue to navy, and a really dark peachy/pink color.

One last little tidbit:
I saw this on Karen Russell's blog that one of her students told her and I think that this is the best (and completely logical) tip that I have seen in ages!!!

When using a rub-on, rather than cutting the rub-on off the sheet, simply cut the backing from behind the rub-on that you plan to use. Then you won't have all these random little rub-ons floating around that always seem to lose their backing in the worst places. They will stay as one big sheet. You may need to staple the backing to the front sheet as you cut it apart.

Does that make sense??? That was such a "DOH" moment for me!!!


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Stamped In Ink said...

Love the album Christi!! Fabu!!

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