Monday, January 30, 2006

sick boys and french country

altered ambitions
I am just back from spending the last 3 hours at the medical clinic. UGH! And all of that for them to tell me that DS has strep...I told them that when I walked in the door. LOL! I know the symptoms after 11 years!!! But now we have our antibiotics and a "get out of school free" pass for today and tomorrow which DS is extremely stoked about esp. since he is really feeling pretty good compared to the way that he felt over the weekend. Now, if he could just get out of the homework that I just shoved towards him, life would be good (BTW, NOT gonna happen!)

All in all, it was a good weekend though. DS was sick, but I managed to convince him that I could be attached to his hip in my scraproom where there is also a bed, tv, and dvd player which meant that I got some really quality scrapping done this weekend. I have all my croppers cottage DT layouts done AND half my HOF layouts complete. I am feeling more positive that I can finish HOF now.

But what that means is that, once again, you cannot see the results from the weekend challenge because that layout is committed for something else (HOF) and I am not allowed to upload it. But I am really happy with the layout. I used a photo of my grandparents (your parents, Mom) on it so it is a really special layout. And as a side note for the color scheme...I was reading the Feb. issue of Memory Makers this morning at the Dr's office and they show the upcoming color trends on page 127...the bottom 3 are actually the colors from the color creative prompt from the weekend. See, I am on the cutting edge. LOL!

So for today's creative prompt, I am going to use this Memory Makers issue for inspiration. The cover layout is one of my favorites that I have seen so far this year so I want you to use it as inspiration. You can actually scraplift the entire layout, choose one bit as inspiration, or just go with a french country feel that it exudes. Have fun!



Amber Hight said...

great challenge Christie, I love that lo too!

Stamped In Ink said...

How your son starts feeling better and does his homework : )

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