Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hey, I'm blogging!

altered ambitions
Only I can manage to start a blog by accident and really not even realize what I have done! LOL!

I have been reading blogs for about a month now and loving them. I have thought about starting one, but never had the time. Well, yesterday I was posting a comment on someone else's blog...and somehow ended up with my own!?!? In typical Christi-whoiswaytoobusy-fashion, I thought, cool! And posted a blog entry...

But I am looking at my blog, wondering how I ended up with one...and one that actually has entries on it without any kind of "Hey, I'm here!" kind of post...

So this is that post! Hey, I'm here and welcome to my blog! Okay, that's just wierd, but we'll go with it. I am a SAHM that works part-time from home writing articles for UK papercraft magazines. I am usually behind, on my work, my life, and most definitely my housework. But, hey, this is me!

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