Monday, July 19, 2010

7 weeks and counting...

7 weeks.
7 weeks is how long it has been since we moved into the hotel in Illinois.
7 weeks of living in transition.
7 weeks of suitcases, remodeling, packing and unpacking.
7 weeks of truly exhausting days.
7 weeks of pure moving craziness.
7 weeks.
It's a long time to make excuses for the things that aren't getting done...
dt work.
Kat's bathtime. 
(she has bathed a few times during that 7 weeks just not as regularly as she needs.)
grocery shopping.
hair dying- grey roots BIG time!
dt obligations.
working out.

But this my reality.
My craft room at this very moment...

We are getting there, but after 7 weeks, it just doesn't seem fast enough. 

I am ready to be through.
Through unpacking boxes.
Through painting (no the kitchen isn't quite done yet.)
Through with this transitional phase.

I want my creative time back. 
I want my workout time back.
I want to have the time (and energy) to make something in the kitchen that's healthy AND tastes good.

We're close to being done.
Just have patience with me for a few more days.


Amy said...

Hang in there! I can totally see the progress, you'll be done in no time!

StampinCathy said...

7 weeks and getting so close. Your craft room is going to be so cool.

Michelle VP said...

Keep on keeping on! You'll get there. :)

Mom said...

I definitely see PROGRESS in your craft room! Just hang in "there" and you will soon be just "where" you want to be! Love ya!

Carma said...

I can't imagine hotel living for 7 weeks. Hang in there. It will all be worth it!!

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