Thursday, April 13, 2006

Human Nature...

I am a fan of human nature. I LOVE to analyze why people do what they do and what they are thinking. I literally spend a LOT of my free brain time while I am creating, analyzing the reasoning behind people's actions. I honestly feel like this makes me a better person. I am very honest with myself about why people (and myself included) do things and make a true effort to accept people for who they are...warts and all.

Lately there has been a LOT of drama...on the mb's, in the groups in my real life, and just in general. A lot of people saying that they are in a funk...there is definitely something in the air. Yesterday as I took my shower, I even thought about making a blog post about it and how women so easily get caught up in the emotions of it all when there is nothing really going on that needs a reaction. I decided not to make that post...thinking that there would be someone out there that would take offense from it. I should have analyzed that whole thought process a bit more and taken it a bit more to heart.

Instead I did something that I never do...instead of just observing and analyzing, I got involved and tried to stop a train wreck from happening to someone who is nothing more than a passing acquaintance and instead caused an even bigger, more hurtful train wreck to two people that I consider to be friends. That was certainly NEVER my intent. And to those that I hurt, I sincerely apologize. I will once again crawl into my hole of observation and stick to one of my personal rules that I obviously have forgotten...stay un-involved!

Unfortunately the damage to relationships has already been done and for that I am very sad, but I accept the repercussions of it. I made the mistake in the situation of saying something that I never should have said (albeit with good intentions) and now I will pay the price.

Enjoy today and make sure to note the beauty of the rebirth of Spring around you today!


Sue Jones said...

aww Christi , you intentions was right. ((((hugs))))

Rita said...

Christi -- don't be so hard on yourself. Your intentions were in the right place. Sometimes things are misconstrued. You have a big heart -- nothing wrong with that! Lots of hugs --

Heather said...

Christi, you did what you thought was best, with good and pure intentions. I'm sorry it got taken the wrong way. Hopefully time will be a good healer.

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