Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 1 and getting creative....

Yay! My 21 day journey is starting again! Mom and I are doing this together via email and we are both getting back on our weight watcher's plan which we both have let slide a bit too much recently. For me, it has actually been a LOT too much recently, but I am back on the wagon and eager to stay healthy.

Here is my day 1 entry! Once again all of my pages are going to be inspired by Rhonna's incredible quotes. I love how she styles these and I really enjoy creating my pages around them! Thanks, Rhonna!!!

And now your creative prompt for the day! Today, I want you to create a page using only cardstock and patterned paper...i.e. no bought embellishments!! Here is a page that I did like this back in January (I don't think that I ever posted it here before), but don't worry, I will be doing this challenge right along with you...I have some fun new patterned papers that will be awesome for this!

Today is also the first day of Spring Break for us. We have lots planned like polishing the silver (already started), animal surgeries, and making slipcovers. Don't you wish that you were in my family??? LOL! We do have some fun stuff planned too. We just have to work around Junior's (the cat) surgery.

I would appreciate it if you would offer up a little prayer for my kitty...he is having an exploratory surgery tomorrow to try and figure out what is causing his stomach troubles.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love both your lo and your journal entry!! I am so far behind on my journal (maybe owing to the fact that I took the challenge when I had inlaws visiting and when I knew I would be jetting off to Seattle to see Seattle now and having too much fun to journal....URGH)

Lita said...

good on you for starting!!! Your mom and you should have some kind of fun thinking of wonderful ways to work the quotes into your journalling!!! I had a peek at your work....stunning!!!!

Missy said...

I am so glad you started your I am going to have 21 days of beautiful pieces to drool over....and day 1 does not disappoint. I also love your CS and PP only page...that would be quite a challenge for me, but you have once again pulled it off amazingly.

Amber Hight said...

Those new pages are looking divine Christy! I also like your challenge to use only cs and pp! I have been doing this alot lately, but will do another specifically for this challenge:) Thanks for the inspiration!

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