Tuesday, April 18, 2006

art journal day 9

I bet that you thought that I forgot this today, didn't you?? Just running a bit late..I have a lot on my plate this week so I am trying to do it all at once and none of it is really getting completely finished...ACK! But I still have time for my art journal...

Don't you love this color scheme...based off of Rhonna's quote! I was having a bit of fun on this one playing with my new Art Warehouse circle stamps by Danielle Johnson...lots of fun here! I seriously am going to have to use this color scheme on a layout and that is your creative prompt today...use a soft lime green, sky blue, and teal together on a layout!


Missy said...

Wow I would never have used that color combo in a million years, yet it looks so awesome. Another wonderful journal entry that turned into a great creative prompt.

Rita said...

This is beautiful Christi! Those circle stamps rock -- love the color scheme!

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