Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 6 of habit-changing art journal...

Here is day 6 of my habit-changing art journal. All of my pages are inspired by Rhonna's gorgeous quotes and I love them all, but this was probably my least favorite one out of all of the one's that she has created this round... as far as the style of it goes. But the ironic thing about it is that this has definitely been my favorite page that I have done so far in both of my art journals. This is why as an artist you should constantly challenge yourself to try new things, styles, and techniques. It is when you are faced with the most adversity that you get your most creative. I LOVE THIS PROCESS! Thank you Rhonna!!!


1 comment:

Missy said...

OH MAN this is probably my favorite page as of yet. I just love the mix of stamps and the overall design is just A++++

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