Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let Bella Bingo begin....

Well, after literally months of shopping, it is time for Bella Bingo. Tonight I will open all of these bags and create lush vignettes of feminine fun! I am really excited and nervous about it...I hope that my vision of fun really is fun for everyone. *I must remember to find the bag of tiara's that haven't made it to the pile o' bags yet.*

My wonderful DH has agreed to be our bingo caller tonight! Do you think that I am putting myself at risk once he sees what an amazing shopper I have become!?! Yikes! BTW, I managed to stretch our $325 budget for this function and get approx. $850 worth of fun!!! (oh, and the Sizzix isn't included...this pile is just in the middle of my scraproom which means that it is all intermingling will be nice to have my space back!)

I will post photos of the after-bag shots tomorrow. I promise there is some fun stuff here!


Rita said...

Ohhhhh that is going to be so much fun! I still want to come crash the party! Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see the finished bags.

Missy said...

Well this sure looks like a lot of fun. LOL about the sizzix!!! Enjoy your bingo night and good luck with the prize package.

Heather said...

Woohoo - looks a fun evening, with gorgeous tiaras and fab prizes.

Do Bingo callers in the US use the "two little ducks" (22), "two fat ladies (un-PC version of 88!) etc. ?

Anonymous said...

how fun christy....sure it will be a blast!

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