Monday, February 27, 2006

sleep deprived

Well, after staying up til 2:00 am this morning and getting back up at 6:00, I have been dragging all day! LOL! And it was for such a stupid watch X-Men. I have seen bits of it, but have never seen the entire movie so I was flipping channels last night at around 11:30 and came across it. I had NO IDEA that it was going to be on for another 2 1/2 hours. Bad idea! But I did get some cleaning done while I watched it.

Scrapbooking club was a flop this morning. I had a couple of people that were definitely suppose to come, but a family emergency and too many obligations got in the way of both of them from coming. But, quite honestly, that was okay. This group is definitely one of those things that is suffering because of my busy schedule. I just haven't been able to put the effort into it that I need to. So I was okay when it was a bust and the good news was that my house was clean, so I didn't have to feel guilty about lounging a lot of the day because of lack of sleep. :D

But I did get some work done today. Here is my day 6 on my 21 day journey. As you can see, relax was on the agenda today so I am doing good at checking my list off...I think that I am actually going to get everything done for the first time today.

Finally, here is the layout that I did from the creative prompt of my hair gel bottle. Do you see where the design came from? The picture layout is the quadrant at the top that says "Pantene" and then I copied the four square detail at the bottom. This is another layout for the Croppers Cottage. Some fun new products here...3 Bugs in a Rug & Heidi Swapp goodies. Yum!

I will have another creative prompt up for you tomorrow!


BohemianBlogger said...

Wow, that's what scrapbooking is... it is much more involved than I ever thought. My sister said she does it... but I have never seen it, or do I quite believe it is ever that involved. Pretty impressed.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

I really like your idea of putting a checklist on your daily journal pages. That would certainly motivate me, knowing that so many people are watching. Clever you!

gudrun said...

Beautyful colors on both your LO and your journal.
Love the warm pink and brown.

T:o)ve said...

This idea with checklist in your journal is great! Cool journaling :o)

Mary Jo said...

Love your inspiration!
Your journal is coming along beautifully, Christi!!

Missy said...

I just continue to be amazed at your overall output of work, your inspiration, and most of all your talent. Fantastic work my friend....keep up the inspiration.

Heather M. said...

I love your day 6 entry! It is beautiful! Keep up the great work!

Rhonna said...

wow, this is just so amazing...
you are doing such a wonderful job..
thank YOU for being a part of it!

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