Saturday, February 25, 2006

Creation: day 4...

I have a couple of things to share this morning. The first is a layout that I did last night of my mom using the art creative prompt from yesterday as inspiration. I love my mom so much! I just wanted to do a layout to show that. Hi Mom!

The second is today's entry in my art journal. Since this is supposed to be an ART journal, I decided to do a bit of freehand sketching which I am super-rusty on since it has been so long since I flexed those drawing muscles, but I was happy with the result. Notice that I sketched on a different piece of paper in case it turned into a total disaster. LOL! I have never been someone that could just draw, so I have to have something to work from. Today's something was a stamp from Stampendous. I have to admit that I miss drawing...I just wish that I was better at it. I think that is why I am so fond of the doodling trend that is so hot right now!

As far as 21 days to changing my habit...I feel like this is going well. I haven't managed a day yet where everything is checked off of my list, but I feel like I am getting so much more done. There is such satisfaction to checking those 'to do' items off my list each day!

I hope that you are all having a fantastic Saturday. I will be back tomorrow with a new creative prompt. If you haven't done anything with the art prompt from yesterday, I encourage you to at least make a really is a fun piece to interpret!!!


Kari said...

So glad to hear your habit is going well:) I love your page. The purple is gorgeous and great job on the drawing!!

Wanda E. Santiago said...

This is awesome stuff!! Hugs wanda

Jen said...

Wow, don't you look like your mum! I love the page, and the sketch is fab. clever you :)

Kara said...

Ahhhhh the computer is my "temptation" too.... here I am looking at your beautiful book (love your color choices!!) instead of paying bills! grin.

Rhonna said...

wow..seriously...this is just *the* coolest thing to share this with eveyrone...
i love your entry.
& ya know what?
you are doing great...awesome!
keep it up..keep your chin up!

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