Friday, February 17, 2006

The 21 day Challenge...

altered ambitions
Rhonna Farrer has this amazing art journal challenge starting on her blog. The theory behind it is that you can change any habit in 21 days. She wants to document the process and provide inspiration for change through an art journal starting the 21st of February.

I am so "in" on this project...the dilemna now is which bad habit do I want to work on eating habits or procrastination. I am definitely leaning towards my problem with procrastination. First off because it is a habit that I really need to change just to make my life more managable and secondly it will document prettier in an art journal. :D I have my priorities right...LOL!

DS is home from school today, but it is a work day for me. I finally have all my supplies in for my next SC&P article (I am playing with new CHA goodies) and of course some of those yummy new stamps. And I am seriously inspired to do something totally different (at least for me) with that shirt creative prompt so I am going to spend the day going back and forth on those two projects. Oh, and I am writing some stuff up for Croppers Cottage. busy, busy, busy!!!

The good news is that DS wants to earn some money today so he is the one cleaning the house! Whooohooo!!!

Have a good Friday! I hope to be on later to show you the result from my creative prompt and have a new one!

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