Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Enjoying the day...

altered ambitions
DH left for a day trip to Charleston today so I have the whole day free to play. I finally had time to attempt my Olympics inspired creative prompt and here are the results...

The journaling says: "I look at these pictures and wonder, do you think Jacob will ever be able to truly appreciate how awesome this was? Christmas in the Austrian Alps learning how to ski...a dream! Life as a military kid is sometimes pretty awesome!"

It was truly awesome and as I watch the Olympics, it just reminds me of our Christmas in Austria last year. I haven't looked at a map, but I know that when we were there, we were only about 20 miles from the Italian border so I really think that we were fairly close to the Torino area. One of the absolute best memories that I have!!!

For today's creative prompt, another inspiration piece:


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Missy said...

oooohhh Christi I love today's inspiration. On a very related note can you tell me who sells that shirts....I totally NEED that.

Great job on your Olympic inspired layout. I can only imagine how amazing that Christmas must have been. Skiing in the Alps - WOW!!!

Have fun playing with your new stamps. They look so yummy!!!

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