Thursday, February 09, 2006

at what cost???

altered ambitions
At what cost do we give up free speech? I have never been political or an activist, but something happened recently that made me question why I would give up my choice of free speech. I was told not to talk about or mention ****** and that if I did then I would be terminated from my position (not a position that I get paid for, but one that I love to do).

That's imposing on my right to free speech and REALLY is rubbing me the wrong way...but why??? It isn't something that I would have discussed because it really wasn't any of my business and I don't have anyone that I would discuss it with anyway (although DH and mom have definitely heard an earful about it), but not the actual situation that I was told not to discuss.

I am upset about the fact that I am not allowed to discuss it. Why does this person think that they can dictate what I can or cannot say to anyone??? So at what cost am I giving up my free speech??? Is it worth it? I still haven't decided. Quite honestly, this blog post may decide it for me so you can hear my tale of woe tomorrow when I am terminated from my position. *dum-dum-dum...cue the organ music*

Today's creative prompt...use a single word prominantly on a layout today. Practice that free speech that we all have a right to.


Julia Sandvoss said...

Boy oh boy do you have my attention here Christi!!!

Anonymous said...

can my word be "mum"? get it? mum's the word? he he
ok. never mind.

Rebecca said...

Seriously...a world without all that drama would be nice!
I understand and agree with what you are saying. (Oopps..was I allowed to say that?)

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