Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy!

Good Tuesday Morning! There is a briskness in the air that says Autumn is on it's way! I "heart" Autumn! It's the most perfect season. And the cool Autumn air means that Kat gets to pull out some of her new fall clothes, which of course means that we have to take pictures!!

Here she is sitting on our front porch with Flopsy. I think that it is pretty safe to say that you won't see many photos anymore without him in tow...they are pretty inseparable.

While we were sitting out there a puppy ran by and there is nothing that Kat likes better than a puppy (or any animal...in fact, she just brought me my Year in Provence book because it has a fox on the cover...we are in the office and while I play on the computer, she empties out all my bookshelves.)

Here she is watching the puppy play in our front yard.

In other news, I am working on a fun new project for Unity's Hip-Hop Thursday this week which required me to make a trip to a few craft stores yesterday (isn't it awful when that happens? LOL!) I made some serious scores yesterday...look at these gorgeous ribbons from Hobby Lobby (they are 1 1/2" or 2" wide so they are really substantial.) I also found a punch from Martha Stewart at Archiver's that I didn't even know existed...it creates that fun curved pointy edge (I have no idea how to describe it...I will try to use it soon on a project so that you can see what in the world I am talking about.) But the best part about the punch- it was 25% off...I totally would have bought it full-price though! :o)

I have tons of projects going right now so I promise to be back soon with something fun to share...I just need Kat to give me more than 15 minutes free-time.

On another front...what does it say about you {meaning me} as a housekeeper when you go to pull out the ironing board {for a craft project, not for real ironing, mind you} and looking at the empty place where the ironing board should be realize that you threw it away 3 months ago when you moved in the promise to buy a new one when you got to the new house? hmmmmm..... Martha {and my mother} would be appalled. *hi, Mom!*


Anonymous said...

What a cutie Kat is in that adorable outfit! And as for the ironing board -- when we moved to Midland, we lived in our first house for a year & I never found my iron (I did look) until we moved again a year later! I obviously didn't do much ironing back then.

Rita said...

I LOVE Kat in her pretty Fall outfit! She and Flopsy look so cute and content together!

You scored some gorgeous ribbon -- I was at Hobby Lobby last night and didn't even look at the ribbon. I saw it was on sale and figured I better not look or I'd end up with a bunch I didn't really need! LOL

Speaking of ironing, I swear God is trying to tell me I SHOULDN'T do it. I pulled our iron out this past weeked (to fuse some beads that the kids were playing with -- not for clothes either, mind you!) and I have quite an ugly burn on my arm now. It matches two other faded burn scars on my arms from previous ironing engagements. I'm telling you -- IRONING IS EVIL AND DANGEROUS! hee hee....

Tiff said...

Your little one is way too cute!!! And that ribbon looks yummy!

DawnW said...

Kat is adorable of course.

Don't feel bad about the ironing board, mine comes out once a month and I do it all on one day. I hate that thing! I buy hubby wrinkle free stuff....the best thing created ever!

Love the ribbons too. AWESOME deal.
Gotta see that punch, I am not fond of Martha's stuff, but her punches have been pretty nice...I have 2.

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