Saturday, April 26, 2008

Post #500!!!!!!!!!!

When I started this blog, it was actually not an intentional thing. I went to comment on someone else’s blog and ended up with one of my very own. I quickly came to love it, but for purely selfish reasons…it gave me incentive to stay creative. You all know…I LOVE TO CREATE! But even as much as I love it, it can become really easy NOT to do it. This blog became my incentive to stay creative on a regular basis.

A HUGE thing that happened along the way is that I met all of you who then became my wonderful friends and support. The blogging community is a wonderful little world and I cannot thank you enough for adding me into your blogging routine. So as a very small thank you and to celebrate my 500th post as well as my daughter, Kat’s, first birthday, we are going to have a creative contest. (You knew that you were going to have to do a bit of creating here too didn’t you?)

There are three challenges to the contest (one main challenge and two challenges within a challenge):

Challenge 1.....
This is pretty basic…CREATE… using a Creative Prompt. The creative prompt can be from my CP blog, an old post on here, or even a CP that you find on your own. I just want you to create using something else as inspiration. What to create? That is ENTIRELY up to you! Use your imagination, but create something…it can be a gorgeous meal, a beautiful flower arrangement for your spouse, a photo of your kids, or something like the stuff that I create everyday. It simply must be inspired by something else. Try to stretch yourself.

Challenge 2.....
A.) You all know that I like to create (have I said that enough yet? LOL!) But there are times when I want to create something out of the norm for me and a lot of the time, that involves fictional writing. I find that by doing something totally different with the creative side of my brain, it really frees my creative process up when I am feeling a bit blocked creatively.

Recently I started a story and then abandoned it for another storyline, but I think that there is still a good story here. My challenge to you is to finish what I have started here. It can be as long or as short as you want…just play with some creative writing.

She rolled over and felt the tickle of sunlight roll over her eyelashes as it peeked through her polka dot organza curtains. With a groan, Cassie opened one eyelid hoping that it was just a cruel trick, but no, the sun was creeping up over the horizon. The day was going to happen whether she was ready for it or not. Her eyes fell on the black dress that she and her mother had set out the night before and a wave of panic spread through her. How had she gotten here?
It had actually begun on a day that had started a lot like this one just two years before….

B.) A part of this is the fact that Kat is turning one year old on May 15th. Your challenge here is to do something creative with the number one…what to create? Again that is entirely up to how you feel inspired to create.

The details:
I need proof of your entry. You can either send that proof to my email at or you can post it on your blog and link us up here. I think that photos will work for most instances except for the writing and then I need you to email me what you have written (or post it to your blog.)
Entries are due by midnight Wednesday, May 14th.
Winners will be announced on my blog on Thursday, May 15th.
You can enter as many times as you want to create something. For each entry, you will earn another tag with your name on it in the random drawing.
There will be four winning categories:
A.) random winner from challenge 1…Unity Stamp kit of your choice
B.) random winner from challenge 2…PageMaps book.
C.) my favorite entry… Unity stamp kit of your choice and some other prizes yet to be determined.
D.) family winner…I know that I have lots of family members that lurk around here and I want you all to play too. So I have a special category for you. Just complete one or more of the challenges, and you will be entered in the family random drawing for a $25 gift card to Texas Roadhouse. This means all you guys too…dad included!




Anonymous said...

Congratulations on #500!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the 500th post and Kat turning 1.
Great Challenges, hope to find some this week to do some, I think I have my mojo back.

Mary Jo said...

I cannot believe Kat is turning one already!!! :0)
You have great inspiration on your blog, Christi!

Rita said...

What a fun post Christi -- love your challenges and hope I can find the time and mojo to participate!

Congrats on 500!!! (and how in the world is Kat going to be ONE already??? Wow!)

Crystal said...

Congrats on #500!! I just posted #600 on my blog today :)) I love your creative project idea to celebrate! I may have to do a spinoff for this next month when I celebrate 2 years of blogging - if you don't mind.

Crystal said...

Christi - I did it!!! I did your Challenge #1,(you can see it on my blog - May 6th) using the 2008 DW Calendar April 15th sketch and LO by Jen as my creative prompt. It was the one that was up when I read your post and I grabbed it and just went with it. Thanks for inspiring me every. single. time. I come to visit!

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