Thursday, May 18, 2006

Taking time to play...

I was working today just like I was supposed to be doing, but I made one mistake...I had printed out yesterday's creative prompt at the same time that I printed out some of my work, which meant that this creative prompt was shoved into my work notebook. Well, of course, you know that means that I absolutely am going to have inspiration strike!! I decided to take a 2 hour break to seize my mojo before it fled and here is the result:

These are photos of my nieces from Easter that my wonderful sister-in-law sent. They are simply the cutest girls and I haven't even met the youngest, Mia, yet so these photos are even more precious!!! BTW, there is hand-drawn scrollwork around the entire edge of the layout, but the scanner cut off a lot of it.

And I also have a new creative prompt...this is a color one. I was flipping through the latest Home Companion magazine the other day and saw this color grouping and thought that it would be fun to play with so here is your latest creative prompt:

Have fun with it and I am back to my work!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love your take on the dare! Very cool colors that you chose and you're right, those stamps are awesome!

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