Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog challenge....

Sharon had issued this blog challenge and it is too good of a question to pass up remarking on:
To do anything you want, it can be travel, play, anything.
Your day starts at 8 A.M. any day of the week you choose, and ends at 8 A.M. the next morning.
What would you do?

My day would consist of 24 hours to myself. It would start on a Monday so that way the guys wouldn't notice that I was gone too much! I would start off the day with a quick jaunt down to Barnes & Noble with lots of cappuccino, sketching, and buying up all the latest magazines for inspiration.

I would then grab my XXL full of scrapping goodies, my latest magazines I just purchased and my overnight bag and head out to the airport for a quick plane ride (where I would continue to be inspired and sketch ideas) to the mountains. A driver would pick me up at the airport to take me to my private cabin in the woods stocked with firewood, bubblebath, wine and chocolate.

My cabin would be a small cabin with a screened-in porch perfect for being one with nature while also scrapping. I would scrap the day away, being only interupted mid-afternoon by my personal masseuse with my massage to rejuvinate my scrapbooking. Towards evening, when it is getting cooler, I will move inside, light a fire in the fireplace, grab a glass of wine and read a good book with classical music playing in the background. Finish the evening off with a bubble bath in the claw foot tub and luxuriate under a down comforter while listening to the crickets through the open window.

That is my 24 hours of bliss! What would you do???


Anonymous said...

I know you said you wanted to be by yourself, but can I come PLEASE????
Maybe I could just book same trip for the next MOnday!!! Lovely thoughts!

Sharon said...

Geez, I thought I was alone at the cabin resort! :)
Too Cute, I need to go work on my 24 hours.

Pam said...

I'd come with you! LOL!

Missy said...

Wow that sounds like an amazing day.

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