Monday, May 08, 2006

Playing with KI Memories...

I have been doing some assignments for my LSS today. Just a bit of KI, but this is a first assignment for me so I am not sure if I have done complex enough projects. I was told to do a simple layout and then a normal layout. What do you think? I have enough supplies so I may do another layout and let the owner choose which two she wants.

This week is another week where there is no way that there is going to be enough time to get everything done. I mailed out two projects for the UK mags today, but I still have to finish up the computer work for those. I have to make a 3 bugs card today, a birthday card for my niece, and mother's day cards (and do the shopping that goes along with all those cards). My DH's boss is retiring this week so we have a ton of dinners and ceremonies to go to for all of that this week. I am also making 12 tablecloth squares for one of those dinners for Thursday night. I also really wanted to get a piece of artwork done for them with a fantastic photo that I have of them, but I am not sure that is going to happen at this point. It is also newsletter deadline time for the Croppers Cottage and I still have a TON to do for that including several pieces of artwork. Add to that my dream journal and another challenge that I am participating in for one of the UK boards and Aaaaackkk! What am I doing on the computer?!?!?



Sue Jones said...

Love both the LO's . Hope you manage to get it all done!! Try to enjoy the dinner too Hugs
Sue xx

Missy said...

Oh my that to-do list is enought to make you pull your hair out. At least they are all fun activities. Good luck with all yout projects and keep up the great work with the layouts.....those are two beauties!

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