Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Ode to Victoria...

Victoria magazine was my first ever real pleasure that I did simply for me. I made it a ritual when I received my monthly mag...I would make myself a cup of tea, find a quiet corner and simply enjoy the beauty of the magazine. They were the first magazine to truly embrace beauty in everyday life. The magazine was filled with gorgeous photography, very few ads (but what they did have flowed with the style of the mag), and they truly showed the beauty that you could experience with everyday rituals/events.

Thankfully I kept all of my issues because sadly the magazine stopped publishing in the summer of 2003. Lately I have been looking at these old issues for photos for my dream project and was amazed to realize that even my issues back to 1997 have a timeless quality to them...they don't look dated at all. There is a lesson in that...classic beauty never goes out of style.

I have been excited to see that Somerset (the publishing company responsible for Stampers Sampler and all of the gorgeous Stampington titles) is coming out with a new magazine called Somerset Home. One of the write-ups that I saw about this magazine was that they too missed Victoria mag and were trying to fill that niche. Needless to say, my hopes are really high for this one, but I will be satisfied if they do it even half as well as Victoria did because they would still have a truly awesome magazine!

So in honor of my ode to Victoria magazine, today's creative prompt is from there. It is actually scans from a couple of pages of the June 2001 issue. You can take your inspiration from the actual layout of one of the pages, the color combo (love those shades of purple with that lime green), whatever inspires you. Just enjoy the process!!!


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Missy said...

I had never seen Victoria Magazine but have heard exactly what you said from many loyal readers. I have a feeling I am going to LOVE the new somerset magazine as well.

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