Thursday, March 30, 2006

Playing tour guide....

I am missing you all, but I am having a fab time showing my parents my new home here in North Carolina. Today is antique shopping! Can we say fun??? I love having my parents here. We are such good friends...I wish that we all lived closer together!! Today's goal is to actually take some photos of our fun together!

I still haven't started my 21 day journal although I am working on my habit...I had a successful day with it yesterday too! I have a feeling that the journal isn't going to happen until my parents leave late next week, but that's okay. I have seen a few peeks of all of yours! Wow! They are looking fab!!!!

Are you looking for a new creative prompt? Well, here it is...another Target fashion inspired prompt!



Missy said...

I have been missing your updates, but glad to hear you are having fun with your parents. Another awesome creative prompt....that top reminds me quite a bit of the center city paper line. Enjoy the rest of your visit and good luck on your 21 day journal.

Pam said...

I LOVE to go antiquing! Enjoy your visit with mom & dad. Look forward to seeing some pics of your fun times with them!

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