Friday, March 31, 2006

Family fun...

Well, I am not creating this week, but I did manage to get some photos taken yesterday that I can share. We actually did make it antique shopping yesterday. We went to a fabulous little town called Cameron, NC. This town has 12 antique stores and most of them are in 1800's era homes so it was a LOT of fun, although we managed not to buy a single thing?!?! We actually ran out of time before we could go back to some stores so we may be heading back to Cameron at some point again before they leave. This is a photo of one of the most gorgeous homes, Miss Belle's.

When we got home for the day, it was an absolutely gorgeous/perfect day so we decided to hang out outside for a while goofing around and here are some photos from that. The sun was starting to set so all of these photos have a golden glow to them. These are my parents with Jacob: Jacob playing ball with his Papa:

When we were out there playing, this guy showed up. I love him so much. He hates games, but he played games with us last night and we had a blast. My parents are here for his promotion ceremony on Monday. I am so proud of him!

BTW, my mom brought me a great catalog yesterday that is chock-full of creative prompts. She is looking out for my blog viewers! Thanks, Mom!!!

Today and tomorrow is DT reveal over at Croppers Cottage! The work will be showing up throughout the day. Go check out the awesome work of the DT.

Have a great Friday!


Missy said...

Well you may not be creating this week, but you are sure getting some great material for the future. Wonderful pics Christi. Just love the look of that old house.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Can't wait to see the future layouts. Congratulations to you all on the promotion :)

Pam said...

Nice photos, christi! Looks like you are having a fun week. LOVE the photo of dh.

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