Monday, March 13, 2006

A Day filled with Possibilities...

It's Monday morning and Spring has officially sprung and is quickly pushing into summer! LOL! We are supposed to be in the mid-80's today and it is already looking fantastic outside!

The general consensus is that the HOF calls will start today which is so exciting! Even if I am not one of those calls, I am soooo glad that I entered this contest. It is the first really big thing that I have entered in the US and I feel so good about having done so and I am really happy with my work that I did for it. I can't wait for the anon toots to start and all the conjecture about who they are...I know that I definitely have a few faves that I am sure will be on the list, but who knows! It's so exciting!!!

I came up with a fun idea for my creative prompt this morning so I just have to find the perfect picture and then I will be scrapping. And, even more exciting is that I already have found the next creative prompt so I will be uploading it with my completed layout later this afternoon.

Day 20 of Rhonnna's challenge...I can't believe that it is already almost over. It has been so much fun and I love doing art on a daily basis. I definitely want to keep this up...just have to find another journal to start working in! Today's page will be up later this afternoon too!

I also am working on finalizing my Croppers Cottage DT application...

Laundry is done...all I have to do is fold it! I can already tell, it's going to be a good day!

Happy Monday!


Rita said...

What a happy post Christi -- it put me in a great mood just reading it! Glad to hear your day is off to a good start -- hope you enjoy your time creating! Hugs --

Mary Jo said...

Just wanted to wish you luck with HOF!!

Missy said...

Sounds like your off to a great day. I remember reading all the 2peas hype about HOF last year, and the anon posts, and the guessing game. It was all that excitement that gave me the motivation to enter both PKPT and MMM contests last year. While I didn't win or even place in those contests I was so happy to have tried. I am really looking forward to giving MMM another shot this year. Good luck to you today!!!

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