Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Day 8 with more to come....

I am running late today because I had a meeting this morning and some computer work to do this afternoon. It was an absolutely perfect day today!!! I spent about an hour and half sitting out on my front porch working on the computer...simply GLORIOUS!!! I truly love springtime! And the best news...DH just came home and said that he was on his way to pick up Chinese so I don't even have to cook tonight!!! LOVE IT!

Here is today's art page! But this shouldn't be all for today! I have several more projects to work on and upload tonight so be on the lookout for another blog post! :D


Stamped In Ink said...

Your journal is looking awesome!!
Lovin it!!

Marnie said...

The whole this is FANTASTIC! I have to comment on them all but I've been saving your blog for when I have an uninterupted hour to spend!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Lovin' your journal and your
blog sight! You are so inspirational!
Take care
Sandy :)

Just Rhonda said...

Love your art journal!!! It looks awesome. Love that dress stamp and the swirls!

Mary Jo said...

Christi-I can't tell you how much I am enjoying watching your journal progress! It is beyond gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

your art journal is very inspiring and just gorgeous Christi...great work!!! I don't get to catch up on many blogs, but it was nice to come take a peek at what other things you've been up to!

Heather M. said...

I love this one! It's awesome! LOVE those swirls!

gudrun said...

Love this page. The dress is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing. ;)

Rhonna said...

this is sooo the 'feel 'of it!
wonderfully done!

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