Sunday, March 19, 2006

A couple of more HOF entries...

Well, here are a couple more of my HOF entries. I think that these were both assignments. The first one (again this one falls under the least favorite of my layouts) was the photography assignement. And the second one is the product assignment (pp, rub-ons, & ribbon). Starting tomorrow, I will be posting some of my favorite layouts from the competition!

I have a fun new creative prompt for you, but I will be putting it up later today because I want to finish off the layout that I started for the color prompt (March 14th) first. And a big shout-out to Heather M. for using my color creative prompt in her beautiful art journal!! Thanks, hon!

Breaking News: The Cardmakers Yearbook is available in the US ($14.95)!!! I saw it this weekend in the magazine section of Barnes & Noble. Go check out my March 2nd post (a Dose of Realty) to see what you are looking for!

Happy Sunday!


Stamped In Ink said...

Great LOs Christi! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle W. said...

beautiful! TFS!!!


Missy said...

More amazing work Christi. Thanks for sharing your entries.

I was just in B&N yesterday looking for the cardmakers book. My store didn't have it, but I did pick up issue 13 of TSBM and immidiately saw your work for the fastenating article. Of course I LOVE all your pages, but the Smile page is just amazing.

Heather M. said...

Awwww, you are SO sweet!!!!! I love your creative prompts - they are totally inspiring!
And I LOVE your HOF entries! You are so talented, Christi!!! Keep up the great work!

Rita said...

I love that Paris page -- so beautiful! I just love your work Christi!

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