Monday, August 06, 2007


Today, I have a lot of random things to touch on...

First, I actually got to create a second layout this weekend. I am continuing with my featured products from before my vacation...Basic Grey Phoebe and Rhonna Farrer's Nature stamps. I have been playing a bit with ATC's lately so I created three ATC-sized embellishments with the words to "Hush Little Baby" on them. These photos are of Kat asleep when she was 5 weeks old...

I will probably create another project or two with these featured products. Hopefully, Kat will continue to cooperate so that I can actually get those done this week!

Secondly, be sure to check back on Wednesday. Kari (aka Artsymama) is hosting an Artful Blogger party in celebration of the release of the Somerset publication, Artful Blogging. This is a new quarterly publication featuring 30+ incredibly inspirational blogs (Kari's included). The book is full of gorgeous photography and is highly inspirational esp. if you are part of the blogging community. I highly recommend it.
That day, she will be linking up everyone who is playing and there will be lots of art tutorials on the participating blogs. I hope to get a tutorial done for it...I am playing with ideas for it now.

While I was in Barnes & Noble last week picking up Artful Blogging, I snagged a couple of other publications that you may want to check out. The second edition of Somerset Home is out and from what I have seen of it (I haven't really had a chance to sit down and read it), it is worthy of the Somerset name. Some inspirational stuff in there.
The other mag that I picked up is called Homegrown Hospitality.It is from PaperCrafts mag and features lots of paper-based crafts from the home. It has been created by Stephanie Ackerman and has lots of really fun ideas. I am thinking some of my Christmas gift ideas will be coming from this little mag...

Finally, I need some feedback. For the last couple of posts, I have been photographing my art rather than scanning it. Which do you like better? My computer monitor is so dark, I really can't see it well enough to see if it is okay or not. Tell me which you like better...the photos or scans. Thanks!
Happy Monday!


Sharon said...

I like either one. I can't really tell if one is better than the other. I use both and depends if I'm at the office or at home.
Your little ATCs on the layout is just genius.

ArtsyMama said...

Love the layout!! So glad you're going to join in the party. It's going to be so much fun!!!

linda said...

cute, cute layout! i think i like the photographed ones better. not sure why, but i do. i have been doing more of that lately too. love all those photos from your vaca! off to check out the artful bloggin stuff. tfs!


Carolyn said...

Oh Christy I love when you find cool things. I must get that Artful Blogging one, it really looks good. And I will have to check out Artsymama.

Love the ATC's you did with Kat. It's good to see you are getting a little freetime to create. Before you know it you will have a little scrapbook partner sitting next to you.

Theresa said...

Love your work here. I got the HH mag too - given me LOTS of inspiration. I think in galleries, scanning is better for catching the eye, but on blogs I love photography, I think because it makes it more real and personnal (I never could scan and stitch anyway!!).

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