Thursday, August 16, 2007

hmmmm, I am just a couple of days late with this post. I have been so busy this week! Every morning, my to-do list has at least 20 things on it and I am just not getting as many of them checked off as I need to, but I am still getting things done so I am happy!

First, for this week's product challenge. I got these new Collage Press papers a couple of months ago and have been drooling over them ever since. It is time to really start to play with them so I am focusing on them this week...Collage Press Fresh Collection
For the stamp set that I am putting with them (because you know that for my own product challenge, I will always have a stamp set involved!), I have chosen another of the gorgeous Purple Onion Designs sets...Flea Market Set:

I am REALLY excited about this product grouping and hope to get lots done with it!! I already completed one layout using it...

I also have a couple of other personal challenges going on in my creative life. First is a stash-control challenge. I had done this last fall. I set a goal of no new stash until I completed 100 layouts and was doing really well with it until I got pregnant which threw a huge creative kink into the works (in the form of a couple of months there where I was creatively blocked.) I am doing this again, but not quite so ambitious. The way I am doing this personal challenge for the near future is that I can't buy any new stash (excluding the basics and idea books) until I complete 20 projects. When I complete those 20 projects, then I can spend $40 on new stash. If I wish to spend more than $40, then the 20 projects to do count starts over and I can earn another $40. This will be going on for the next few months so help keep me accountable!! Right now I have 6/20 projects done...

And along the lines of getting stuff done, my goal this month (inspired by Ali) is to do something creative every day starting today. This is something that I have believed for a long time...that the more you create, the more creative you become. It has just been more difficult recently to find that creative time, but I deserve that time for myself...even if it is only for 15 minutes late at night or early morning. It just means that I have to be a bit more organized with my creative life and plan ahead since I can't get to my supplies while Little Bit is sleeping.

And speaking of Little Bit...she turned 3 months old yesterday...that deserves a photo doesn't it? :) She was a very lucky little girl this week. She received a gorgeous piece of artwork from the talented Miss Sandy...Kat's gift. It is so beautiful in person!!! Thank you, Sandy! You spoil us!!!


Carolyn said...

Christi love that pp & stamp set. Have to tell you the minute I saw them, my thought was that is so Christi. Cute first layout,too!

As for this creative challenge, I will cheer you on, but I am weak and know there is no way I can be as strong as you. I need my freedom to shop & by idea books. But you got me as your cheerleader. See - Go Christi! Go Christi!!

3 months already, goodness time is flying, but Kat is such a cutie, I betcha she is developing quite the personality too. Oh and I love the gift she received, a very pretty piece of art.

Amber said...

awww...what a sweet picture, she's just beautiful:)

Alison said...

Christi, why did you have to include the Purple Onion link???? I have a font addiction, and they have some great ones. (Hang on to the check card, David!) I also love the stars in the Flea Market set you showed.

Kat looks so sweet. I'm glad we got to see her, you, and Jacob last month.

Sandy McTier said...

Hi Christi,
You are very welcome. I am so glad it made it. Hard to believe she is 3 mths old already!
Have a great weekend.

Mary Jo said...

What a sweet gift!
I can't believe Kat is three months already! She is just so adorable :0)

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