Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Prompting Creativity...

I have been having a play with challenges today.

This was one of the september challenges over on the Cottage. The challenge was to create a layout using 90% Chatterbox product and this is my result. The only thing on here that isn't Chatterbox is the brown cardstock and the Heidi Swapp flowers.

This is the layout that I did using the Heidi Swapp packaging as inspiration from yesterday's creative prompt. It's a very simple layout, but I think that it works.

And for those of you that are keeping track (I know that I definitely am!!!) My layout count is at 16 for my 100 layouts til new stash goal. I have also started stashing away money everytime I get a layout done ($1/layout) so that I can have a fun, guilt-free shopping trip when I reach my goal!

Now here is the next creative prompt. This was another challenge from the do a layout based on the cover of a children's book. I think that the office supply touches on this Hardy Boys cover will make for a really fun layout and am hoping to get to this tonight. I love productive days!!!

I know that a lot of you are still having comment issues. I am sorry! If you ever want to get hold of me, you can always shoot me off an email (I thought my email address was in my profile, but now I don't see .)



sarah the kiwigirl said...

I am loving your challenge for yourself... I am seriously thinking about it but alas I have no self control...LOL... but I like the idea of paying yourself $1 per LO for shopping at the end of it!!! Great idea!!!

Ann(i)e said...

Gorgeous layouts!! the one using the packaging is so striking!!
I am LOVING your goal of 100 layouts before buying new stash....I will start that right AFTER I get back to the UK....hehe.
Where did that idea come from??
So glad I can leave you comments again!!

Cami said...

love your CBx layout and what a cool creation you made from the HKS packaging for inspiration. You're awesome! :)

Anonymous said...'ve been busy!!! LOVE all the projects you've been working on. Your layouts are *gorgeous*!

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