Wednesday, November 19, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Creating- Day 5- Five Cute Little Buttons

As I have started to compose this post in my head, it is starting to sound rather long-winded so hopefully, I won't bore you to tears today.

About a month and half ago, I ran across this book in the bookstore and bought it purely on a whim.

The book is beautiful and full of incredible gifts and ideas for gifts, and while it is incredibly inspirational, it falls a bit flat on instructional. I started out today's project trying to make 3 of these shawls for the three little girls in our family.

The issue is that all three of our little girls are different sizes and NONE of them are the size of the patterns in this book. I spent days trying to alter the pattern and measure on Kat and Jacob to finally give up and develop my own pattern for the shawl for the girls. As a result, I only have one shawl to show you today, not the three that I had planned. I still have hopes for Christmas though.

And you know, this shawl is just not cooperating at all. I can't even manage to find a good angle to photograph it...just know that it is much cuter in person!

I like to call this shawl, a Coat for Little Girls' Daddys. If you have ever watched your DH try to get his little girl into their coats, it becomes almost comical at how many arms the child develops. This coat, you just fasten around their neck...easy-peasy.

As you can see, I kept the embroidery detail from the shawl in the book because honestly, that is what makes this so darn cute.

It is wool, but lined with flannel so that it won't be itchy for sensitive skin.

Now to get these all done for the girls, and then I can move onto these other cute projects from this book that I hope to make for Christmas too...


Lindsay Spencer said...

That is so cute, and your little girl has been such a good little model. That book looks great!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! What did Kat think of it & did she want to leave it on?

Amy said...

I obviously have been gone for way too many days..I LOVE ALL THESE PROJECTS!! That's it I'm getting a sewing machine and you're going to have to teach me before we leave...yes you've just been sucked into something else you don't have time for...LOL;-)

Rita said...

This is ADORABLE!!! And as always, your model is stunning! ;)

Can I just hire you to make gifts for my family and friends??????

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