Thursday, June 01, 2006

In a funk...

I have been in a funk for a few days now and it is time for it to end. I hate it when I get like this...mainly because I get NOTHING DONE!!! Female hormones sometimes really SUCK!! So what do you do to get yourself out of a funk??? Normally, I go shopping, but I am really trying to watch my pennies so I stay at home and mope...not a good alternative! I swear that today this is going to change and I am going to be productive. I will not be ruled by my hormones!

On to happier is one of my favorite layouts from last year that I did for the latest issue of The Scrapbooking Magazine. I did it for an article on journaling which is one of those things that I just tend not to do so much of the time, but this one was good and meaningful to me and hopefully to DS in a few years so he will understand why I was always nagging him about his shoes. I hope that you can click on the layout and read it...if not, I will come back in and edit this post to add the journaling.

So in honor of our new day, we have a new creative prompt. This one is a little different and may take a few days to complete. I was reading a decorating magazine last night and they were talking about creating a mood board for your decorating planning and the thought occurred to me that we should try this with scrapbooking.
Basically, it is a corkboard full of the elements/styles that you want to include in the project. It can be filled with layouts from magazines, scraps of papers, cardstocks, even embellishments attached to it. It seems to me that this would be a great way to plan a large project. Now, I have never done this before, but I am going to try it so keep an eye out and I will be posting my board in progress and the finished layout...hopefully it works.

Have a great day, everyone!!!


Sue Jones said...

Saw this is the mag Christi ..Great LO..I have one of those too..his are size 8 12rys old!! DH's are 12 so things don't bode well for the future!!

Kari said...

I'm in a funk too. Ugh! Maybe we can lean on each other:)

Mary Jo said...

Sorry you've been in a funk. Shopping always worked for me in the past but our budget is really tight right now, too! Puts me a bigger funk.
Anyway, I've been scrapping a lot more and that seems to be helping. Scrapping for fun I should say. Just little projects I can play and mess up if I need to :)

Pam said...

Sounds like the "blue mood" was contagious this week. Hope you are feeling better Christi. I think that board might just be what the dr. ordered!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Sorry you are in a funk. When that happens to me, I just look at my "to do" list of things that I DON'T want to do and then I go do that one thing. That releases me to do whatever it is that I really want to do. Out of the works for me.

Rita said...

Lots of hugs Christi -- I'm sorry about the funk...I can relate! This is a great LO!

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