Monday, June 29, 2009

Yummy Homemade Ice Cream...

We got an ice cream maker this week for our anniversary (thanks Mom & Dad!) This is something that we have wanted to do for several years, we just never got it done so we went out and bought this one. It is a dual-use ice cream can be electric OR it can be a hand-crank model. It also makes a ton of ice cream...4 quart capacity! 

We started it out with the electric crank on it, but then someone thought that it would be okay to let Kat help with the water (I'm not saying who...I think that the photo speaks for itself) and she wasn't quite as careful as she should be so we decided that it would be prudent to let the motor dry out before we used it....

She was VERY handy with the ice...

This one spent most of the time crushing the ice on the patio with the hammer...LOL! 

Then the cranking began. It actually wasn't that bad at all and only took about 1/2 as much time as the book said that it would.

And darnit, there is supposed to be another photo here, but if I add it in now, then you won't be able to click any of these to make them bigger so you will just have to take my word at it and imagine how cute  the photo is... 

The maker was very squeaky when it was being cranked and Kat truly thought that it was music. She danced and clapped almost the entire time it cranked. So funny and sweet!!!

And here it is done! It was so good. We wanted it fairly soft so that we could drink it like a shake (much less messy with a 2 yo!) 

...and everyone enjoying their shakes...

...thumbs up from Jacob...

He liked it too! 

We still have a huge tub of it in the freezer leftover. Unfortunately Ben made the mistake of looking at the nutritional content of the cream this morning...5 fat grams/Tbsp and there are about 3 cups in here. And that's not including the half and half, 5 eggs, or milk or sugar that is also in it. I think that the rest will be eaten by the kids since I am not sure either Ben or I can eat anymore no matter how good it tastes...LOL!
So last night, I felt like making something to go along with my ice cream theme for the blog this morning and just happened to have that cute Retro BBQ kit still sitting out on my table. Since I will be heading home next week, I felt the need for a new summery bookmark for my travels (I am thinking positively that Kat will let me read on the plane...I can at least hope, right?)

Supplies used:
*Unity Stamp Co. Retro BBQ
*October Afternoon paper
*Fiskars border punch
*Marvy Uchida scallop oval punch
*watercolor pencils 
*Memories brown inkpad

Have a fantastic Monday!!!


Jessy said...

HI Christi- what a cute story about the ice cream. looks like you all had a great time. :) love your new bookmark too.

jpmayo said...

Now I want an old fashioned ice cream maker...Rachel should defintiely experience that fun, don't you think:)

Totally adorable bookmark, perfect for Summer reading!!

Rbarakat said...

That book mark is the cutest! How fun, homamade ice cream! Yum!!!

Ali said...

Awesome icecream and bookmark! Just sent u an email Christi! TY for participating at CY for the contest!!

Misty (Snowlady) said...

What a cute bookmark!! The ice cream looks yummy!!

Linda said...

what great bookmarker very cute.... I like this a lot... hottie

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