Friday, November 21, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Creating- Day 7- Seven Favorites


First let me start by saying that this is not an original's just my particular twist on it. I took the Giving Well class by Kolette Hall on Big Picture Scrapbooking this year and one of her ideas was to build a basket filled with your favorite items to give to someone else with an explanation of why you love them to make it more personal. I loved this idea and wanted to incorporate it somehow into my gift-giving this year. Well, my mom is a papercrafter too so I decided to give her a box filled with my favorite papercrafting products.

I decorated a lunchbox much like the one that I created for my stamp-kit-on-the go.

Supplies used: *Unity Stamp Co. Butterfly Beauty, Unity Stamp Co. Everlasting Romance, Unity Stamp Co. August KOM...Remember Happiness, Unity Stamp Co. Sentiments O' Simple, Collage Press papers, buttons, eyelet trim, Martha Stewart labels, Bazzill Kraft, Fiskars Threading Water punch

Each item is tagged with a tag that explains why I love this product and how I typically use them. All of the tags are made like cards where they open up so that I could write inside each of them.

Glitter- One of my favorites to make a simply stamped image become a WOW. All it takes is a couple of dots or lines of glitter on the stamp details...

Little Scallop Circle Punch- Whenever my project seems to be lacking a little bit of something-something, my circle punch is usually what rescues the project. A few little layered circles in the corner usually fixes all.

Border Punches- I love these border punches. They add so much detail and zing to the layers on your project. Helpful hint: If your border punch isn't popping the way that you had hoped (esp. with patterned papers)- back the punched edge with a contrast solid cardstock.

Journaling tags- not just for journaling. These are a favorite of mine for layering and adding extra detail on projects esp. layouts.

Little Patterned Paper Pads- One of my all-time favorite ways to buy papers. So much cheaper and you never have too much paper this way. Since I love using so many layers, this is a super-fun way to add patterned papers without it becoming overwhelming with large pieces.

Decorative brads- Another excellent way to add a little bit of detail to a project. Build these up with the scalloped circle punches in the corner of a project and you will love the added detail that is added.

Stamps- Of course, you know why stamps are a favorite of mine, but I gave you this particular kit (Mix Up of Cuteness) so that you could build your own Stamp-Kit-To-Go using this lunchbox. This is the perfect all-around stamp kit that can be used for multiple kinds of cards.

So do you have someone that you can make a favorites basket for this year? It doesn't have to be craft-related. You can do your favorite chocolates, favorite bath and body products, or just your favorite anything. It's personal because you are sharing your favorite finds.

Giving gift cards this year??? I ran across this post and will definitely be putting this gift card pattern to use...LOVE Heather Bailey!

Can I just add..."it's the lesser of two evils"...when it comes to life in the military, I REALLY HATE that phrase...My wonderful DH called me from work this morning and those were his first words. I am sure that I will have more to add to that in the future....


Lindsay Spencer said...

Super cute!! I love all the warnings at the top of your posts. Too funny. I wouldn't be able to resist, I'd be peaking! I love this project, it's really fun.

Christi Snow said...

LOL! I know about the peeking...quite honestly, probably the only person that I can really trust on this one is my mom. ;o) Luckily, DH doesn't read my blog so his surprise is safe...same goes for the kids. I figure that my siblings peek, but their present is cuter in real life than it pictured so I am okay with that... Thanks for the comment, Lindsay! smiles...

Amy said...

Well of course that's adorable..but I AM AMAZED HOW MUCH CRAP YOU FIT IN THAT BOX!! HOLY COW!...Saw Twilight today...and fell in love again...sigh...

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