Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Creating- Day 10- Ten kinds of Chocolate

Day 10...we are almost to the end of our gift-giving journey. And as we have crawled into the higher numbers, it has gotten a bit more difficult to be creative. Today's gift is one that isn't so high on the creativity factor, but on the yummy factor, it sky-rockets.

This is a gift that we have done every year for several years for my Grandfather. He is a man that doesn't really have that many needs or wants at this point in his life so we stock him up on European chocolates every year. That is one of the major perks of being military...we have access to all those incredible European chocolates at the commissary... although, I have noticed that they are starting to creep in places like WalMart lately too. And while it's true that I have access to some incredible chocolates that you all may not have access too...the American chocolatiers have stepped it up in recent years and there are there are some great chocolates out that you could use to treat someone else with (can we say Premium M&M's? YUM!) to create your own chocolate basket.

Here is a little poem that I wrote to include in the card:
The holiday season is upon us.
With its many gifts and surprises.
And while we can't be there,
To celebrate and share,
Some chocolate we send in our stead.

For chocolate gives us the feeling
Of happiness shared among friends.
It's happy and sweet and hopefully a treat
that you can enjoy for many weeks
to come without end.

For the basket, I simply took one of my old Christmas slabs and wrapped all the chocolate in coordinating patterned papers. I have tons of these papers and they are lightweight enough, that they work great for wrapping. Then I simply tied up each box with some ribbon. BTW, these papers aren't near as pinkish as they photographed. They are actually red...weird. The stamp on the card is from Unity, All Santa's Reindeer ( I simply colored in the entire image to make it a silhouette.)

Reminder: Unity's hip-hop will be tomorrow, Wednesday, this week with the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. Also because of the holiday (and the fact that I still haven't decided exactly what I am doing) my Day 12 post will most likely not go up until Friday.


Kerri said...

Christi, don't forget to find those European chocolates at World Market/Cost Plus. We lived in Germany for 4-6 years courtesy of the Air Force and of course, St Nikolaus has to arrive on Dec 6 with the wonderful German chocolates! Did you know that he can find the same chocolates he delivered in Germany at World Market here in the US? Sweet treats ~ great gift, too!

Sandy said...

Hi Christi,
Finally had a moment to come over and visit and catch up on all you've been up to! Your creativity blows me away!
Hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

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