Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day 3 of the LOAD challenge...

For today's layout, I did a layout that I have been planning for a while. This is a layout for Kat. As you all know, Ben is getting ready to deploy and will be gone for 4 months. Jacob and I can deal with that, but that is a long time in our little girl's life right now so I made this layout to hang on her wall. She loves photos and really reacts to them...she just giggles and coos so I know that this will help her to remember her dad while he is gone.

Supplies used:
*MM Noteworthy
*Imagination Project Blue Cardigan paper & embellishments
*love, Elsie epoxy stickers
*felt flowers
*Scenic Route alpha stickers

In other news, there is a new Creative Prompt up today after a two week break. I also have some new links over there to the side to the various websites of my extremely talented family (Alison's, Dave's, and Kara's )...please go check them out!

Today's gratitude: little girl giggles.



happay scrappay said...

I love this LO! I saw it over in the gallery and thought it was cool. Good luck with the LOAD

Alison Gibbs said...

How wonderful for Kat to have those photos of her Daddy to look at.
Do you also do something for Jacob?

Alison said...

Those are great pictures of Ben. Looking at the last one, I can hear his laugh!
Thanks for the compliment of the link to my blog. Guess I need to go and finally update it! =)

Amy said...

Love the layout! I can almost hear the giggles! Glad the CP's are back I was going through withdrawl. :-)

dave said...

those are some great pictures of Ben. Are those posed, or did you sneak in some pictures of him? I guess he'd pose for his little girl.

Dianna said...

Kat will love all of the hard work you're putting in for her~you are right~delicate time for her little memory~but W*O*W! You Rock girl...she will have NO problems because you took the're such a good Mommy:)
I too am thankful for little girl giggles~makes my heart sing*!*

Carolyn said...

Oh Christi awesome work, sorry I haven't seen it until now, but I had to enjoy a little break from blogging. Now I'm busy catching up. LOL

Awesome Work!

Rita said...

Great photos of Ben -- and what a great idea for Kat. Sure wish he didn't have to be away from you all, but hopefully the time will pass quickly for you!

Jayne said...

What a lovely layout and sweet sentiment!

Crystal said...

What a marvelous way for Kat to remember him! I am amazed at how much creating you get accomplished, even with a little one in your house! I need to come live with you and take some serious lessons on time management, I think :))

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