Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Writing on Wednesday plus Monday Meanderings...

Good morning!
This is definitely a mixed post, but mainly it is about the writing that I am doing. 
I am *still* working on finishing up Operation: Endgame.
I keep thinking that I only have around 5000 words left to write, 
but then I write 1000-2000 words and I still have 5000 words left to write.
It's a process that I am slowly learning.
I hope to have it done within the week, but I all have heard that before.

There is a lot to tie up because this is a romantic suspense.
I am at the climatic ending which means that there is a lot of description and action.
Whereas normal scenes take about 1000 words, these scenes are taking 2000-3000 words.
It's a lot and it isn't easy writing.
So I am trudging along...

In the meantime, I am trying to stay on top of my review book blog by reading a book/day.
I am stamping a bit more than normal right now. 
AND I am working at the craft of writing with other things. 
For example, we have a San Angelo Writer's group that just started last month.
PRESSURE....having other writers looking at my ability as a writer....not necessarily the story.
I am also starting up daily 30 minute writing practices, based upon the daily topics from this book....

Below is yesterday's (remember, this is 30 min of writing on a random topic, so try not to be too harsh.)

Jan. 3 In a Courtyard...
Elise strode into the courtyard with purpose. She could do this, but her footsteps faltered as she caught sight of the parrot tulips blooming to the right of the stone bench. Jack had planted those for her last year- back when all had been right in their world. Now she wondered if anything would ever be right again.

It had started six months ago with a simple phone call...

Elise wiggled her toes under the edge of Jack's leg. They were both sprawled across the couch reading their books. Today was the first day where there was a chill in the air signaling the coming of autumn. They weren't ready to turn on the heat yet, but that meant that snuggling was required to keep them both warm. 

Elise wiggled her toes again, burrowing them deeper under the warmth of Jack's leg. He looked up at her in exasperation but his look quickly changed to lust as he focused in on the swell of her breast exposed by her cleavage. She gave him a saucy smile with an innocent, "What?"

He grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her quickly into his lap. Elise uttered a surprised squeak before his lips reached down to capture hers in a scorching kiss.

He leaned his forehead against hers. Both of them were breathing significantly harder than they had been just five minutes ago. He started speaking and his voice was gravelly with sexual tension. "You know, I can think of better ways for us to stay warm this evening."

Elise found it hard to think straight with him nibbling at her neck, but she didn't plan to make this easy for him. They may have threes years on their marriage, but she wanted to keep him on his toes. "I don't know. I am enjoying my book."

"Hmm, maybe I need to work harder to convince you of the wisdom of my plan."

"Yes, maybe," she responded, but she couldn't withhold the gasp and moan as he palmed her breast. The nipple pebbled below his ministrations and Elise could feel the tingles of arousal spread throughout her entire body. She could feel his impressive erection pressed into the cleft of her ass. She wiggled her butt a little to give him some friction. His eyes darkened and he suddenly sprang up, continuing to hold her in his arms. "Let's take this upstairs," he growled.

With his foot on the first step, the phone rang and he hesitated. "Damn, I am expecting news from work so I need to get that. Go on upstairs and be ready for me. I'll be there in five minutes." He gave her another scorching kiss and patted her ass as she started up the stairs while he went to answer the phone.

And that's it. I have NO IDEA where it goes from there...LOL!

BTW, when I read the In a Courtyard prompt, my immediate thought was of a photo that I took in France. I didn't pull out my disc to find the original photo, but you can see it on this old layout below (March, 2006 is when I created the layout.) The photo on the left was my visual I had in my mind...just with a different type of tulips.

So that's it for today. I will be back tomorrow with more art for Hip HOp!!!

These are my words so you are not allowed to copy, alter, or re-print them anywhere else without my permission. ;o)

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NoraAnne said...

I'm intrigued Christi, I would love to know what comes next! Your writing is amazing, and I thought your cards were your major talent ;)

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