Friday, January 20, 2012

Writing on Wednesday...on FRIDAY!

I'm sorry! Wednesday was absolutely MANIC this week with everything that I was trying to get done. As a result, something had to give. It ended up being this blog post (and about a half dozen other things...hehe!)

So, here I am on Friday, posting about my writing...and just let me shout it from the rooftops...
Operation: Endgame is COMPLETE!!!

And this is what my compete book looks like....

Wednesday was also my writers' meeting. This week, we had a thirty minute writing challenge using the prompt...through an open window. Below is what I wrote in my 30 minutes...

Through the Window
by Christi Snow

She was going to go to hell. As Emily watched the gorgeous hunk furtively over her cup of coffee, she knew it as easily as she knew that her hair was brown. She was going to hell. It wasn’t right for her to sit her day after day and drool over this gorgeous, luscious piece of man-candy. But as she watched him climb the ladder through the glass-paned windows to reach something just out of his reach, she could see all those amazing muscles flex and contract, and just couldn’t find it in herself to worry about her eventual damnation. The view right now made it all worth it.

When she moved to the city three months ago, she had no idea that a simple storefront would mean the fall of her eternal soul. She’d discovered this little quaint street purely by accident. With its cobblestone streets and chic little boutiques, it was like entering a feminine nirvana. She’d been drawn into the cozy little street-side coffee shop that looked like it belonged on a Paris corner by the lure of aromatic coffees, but it was the view that kept her coming back…day after day.

See, this quaint little coffee shop was right across the street from a flower shop. A flower shop with old oak glass-paned bay windows which led to the perfect view…of him. The side of beefcake that invaded her dreams, both day and night. He had dark wavy hair, trimmed short on the sides. It was a little longer on top and was always falling across his face so that he ran his hands through it constantly to get it out of his way. He wore wire-rimmed glasses that gave him a geeky hunk look that was so seductive. She’d never been close enough to tell for sure, but she would bet good money that they hid vibrant blue eyes. Then there was his body. The guy was fit. He tended to wear jeans to the store, topped off by button down shirts rolled up at the cuffs. Today he wore a black vest over that shirt that simply made her heart go pitter-pat.

Quite simply put, he was the devil incarnate. Having just moved here, Emily hadn’t made any friends yet. She worked really long stressful hours trying to prove herself at the architecture firm where she was filling in temporarily for an associate who’d had to take personal time for a family matter. It was a temporary job, but an incredible opportunity to break into a highly competitive field where there weren’t many job opportunities for someone without a reputation yet. She wasn’t here to play. She was here to make a name for herself. As a result, this was the one simply joy that she allowed herself…her nightly gawking through the windows across the street.

It really was too bad he was gay.

These are my words so you are not allowed to copy, alter, or re-print them anywhere else without my permission. ;o)

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