Monday, August 02, 2010

Towels for Twelve...

This weekend...
My family is coming to help us celebrate our move back to Texas and Ben's retirement.
12 people.
3 bathrooms to be supplied with soap and towels.
(new color schemes require NEW coordinating towels)

Just me and all the mom's with kids going to college with carts full of towels at Target.
(btw, I just KNOW that the guys in the family are going to be thrilled with their choices of pink/purple in Kat's bathroom...hehe!)


StampinCathy said...

What a fun time you will have in your new place celebrating. Ok maybe the guys have to use pink and purple towels. The best part of this is if you can capture that moment. What amazing and fun layouts this could be.

Dave said...

I call a pink one! It brings out my eyes.

(I read this comment to Alison and she said something about me having pink eye...)

Dan said...

Good catch Alison. Keep your pink eye away from me. I will use a pink towel though. I'm man enough to pull it off! (right Kara????)

Dan said...

(Pull it off talking about a towel might not have been the best choice of words...then everyone will know just how much of a man I am) Sorry about that.

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