Friday, August 27, 2010

4 Challenges and the Return of My Mojo...

Well, first let me apologize for my absence on here. It has been an unbelievably crazy week. 

Monday & Tuesday:
I was working frantically on artwork for an article due in the UK by the end of August (i.e. it needed to go out by Wednesday.) Absolutely NO MOJO....nothing working for me....NOTHING!

The plan...
get up, work out, strategize a plan "B" for the artwork while I worked out.

Obviously I was working too hard on the strategizing part of the plan vs. using the right form on the workout and ended up on the floor in so much pain I thought that I was going to pass out. I have had back problems all my life, but I have NEVER felt anything as sudden and painful as when I wrenched my back that day. Luckily I had my blackberry nearby and laid there and emailed my editor and other DT coordinators to let them know that I was NOT going to be making my deadlines in the hour that I was "stuck" on the floor waiting for dh to come home and help me get up. For the rest of Wednesday, I could not even sit up my back was in such bad shape...only laying (floor...i.e. Hard surfaces only) or standing.

2:30 am...still on the floor trying to get some sleep...had to struggle up to find something to kill the pain. 

Found: prescription strength ibuprofen from when Kat was born...yes, 3 years ago. FINALLY some relief. By 6:00 am was actually able to sit up. By 10:00 am I had managed to relax my muscles enough to think about showering (I was still in my workout clothes from the day before... no way was I going to try to struggle out of a sports bra in the shape that my back was in before this... did I mention that I couldn't move for basically 24 hours???)

By noon, I was feeling pretty darn good and decided that I could handle the 3 1/2 hour drive (each way) to go watch Jacob play in his first football game.

UNBELIEVABLE! I have a twinge every once in a while, but otherwise, I am probably at 85%. I honestly thought that I would be stuck on the couch for a good week or more. Morale to the story: Prescription strength Ibuprofen= MIRACLE DRUG!!! ;o)

So I decided to stamp and ignore my mojo issues! Here is my card for Many Challenges!!!

Challenge #1: Friday Fun Challenge from Kimme....
Aug 27- Fun Folds- Make a card with some type of fold technique.  No standard top or side folds.  This is your chance to try a stair step card or a standing pop up or an accordion fold. Anything besides your typical one fold card. 

And here is my tri-fold card. Definitely NOT my typical fold...LOL!

Be sure to check out the other Friday Fun Girls blogs for more inspiration.  

We would also love for you to play with us-

Challenge #2: M4TW40...create a birthday card.

Challenge #4: Get Sketchy Challenge #53 (which I turned sideways)

Supplies used:
*Paper Makeup Stamps Danni's Flutterbies
*Paper Makeup Stamps Birthday Cheer Sentiment Set
*MM damask paper
*Collage Press papers (pink & green)
*Watercolor pencils
*StazOn Jet black inked
*EK Success border punch
*Zig writer-black
*marvy Uchida circle punches


Shari said...

This is really cute! love the way the card opens

Anonymous said...

this is STUNNING!!! Your butterflies are colored just beautifully!!! Way to knock out so many challenges :)

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

I love this Christi! So cute and I love how you did the butterflies and I was suprised when i saw how it opened! Perfect!

StampinCathy said...

Sorry to hear about your back, but glad you are getting better. WOW Christi!!! This card is gorgeous and super inspiring. I just love all the challenges you combined on this card.

Linda Beeson said...

Your card is wonderful, what great colors and LOVE how you used the sketch.

cinmfoster said...

Great card. Love the colrs and how you folded it.

Regina said...

Glad you're starting to get back to full recovery, as well as regain your mojo.
Stunning card - love the richness of color and texture, and cleverly crafted to meet your challenges - you go!
Continue to be well.

Unknown said...

I <3 your mojo!! This card is just outstanding!!! I'm so glad your back is feeling much better...hugs!

Kim Wilson said...

Wow that is too cool! I love the LO and shape! Thanks a lot for playing and good luck!!!

Tiff said...

I'm so sorry you were in such pain :( Your card is gorgeous and I hope your mojo is here to stay!

Ruby said...

Looks like your mojo is fine to me. Your card is FAB! SO colourful, gorgeous!

Dori Shelton said...

Well I'd say you definitely rediscovered your Mojo! This is so so cute! I love the colors and the way the card opens and the butterflies!

Danni said...

Oh my word!! I just {heart} this!! Awesome!!

Sara Henton said...

I think you're my hero!! You girl are awesome!! You were able to do this after all that and it came out amazing!! Hot showers help a lot too, heating pads. I'll think of more stuff later.

FibreJunky said...

You poor, poor dear!! I know exactly how you feel. I keep that prescription strength ibuprofen around. Basically, it's 4 regular motrin, should you ever run out. I have a very bad back, so most days I don't function without some sort of something, and ibuprofen is usually it.

That is one heck of a mojo return, too. You are seriously awesome!! I hope you feel a lot better. {{hugs}}

Christi Flores said...

Wowza girlie!! This is amazing!!!

Tenia Nelson said...

This card is soooooo awesome!! Thanks for playing and good luck!!

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice card tfs!!!

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