Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good morning!

How is everyone today?? In the mood for a creative prompt??? I spent the afternoon yesterday sitting outside enjoying a bit of time to myself writing and relaxing and am feeling more energized and rejuvinated and thought that a creative prompt might be in order.

This is another art piece by Alfred Gockel (his work is awesome for art inspiration pieces!) I had three of his pieces that I was debating between so maybe I will share them all over the next few days to see what you can do with them. I will work on this one today and hopefully post the results later! Please give me a link if you do something with it!

Other news, I heard from Natalie yesterday on upcoming TSBM assignments and am really enjoying planning those. I love it when I get an assignment that I can really sink my teeth into and enjoy it! I also feel the need to do a bit of altered art...maybe some ATC's. Clare, I believe, is the queen when it comes to these so I will probably scour her or Jane's galleries for a bit of inspiration. Go check out their galleries...they are both absolutely incredible altered artists/scrapbookers from the UK.

And while talking about the UK, there was a discussion on one of the UK boards about the differences in the perception of art between the UK/US/other countries as far as tastes go. I have always noticed this phenomena... that if I get lots of comments on a layout on a UK board, then the US board will think that it is absolute rubbish and vice versa. It's rather interesting really and I have no idea why it is that way, but just an interesting observation and I am glad to know that this doesn't just apply to me. :)

Hopefully, I will be back on later with some art to share!


Rita said...

Good Morning Christi -- glad you had a relaxing afternoon to yourself. Love the art piece! Sending hugs --

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Hi Christi, Thanks for the Clare link, much inspiration there. I studied your "creative Prompt" yesterday and really like the piece but I'm not sure how we are to use the prompt. I don't guess I have been "around this block". Can you enlighten me with your next crative prompt? Thanks

Missy said...

Just letting you know, I'm thinking about you today!!!

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