Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Being an adult...

This is a layout from a contest that I almost entered. LOL! I pulled my entry on the last day because if I had won that incredible prize, it still would have cost me several hundreds of dollars that we really shouldn't be spending on something totally for me right now. So I did the adult thing and pulled myself from the contest... I kept thinking that if I won, then it was meant to be and that it was something that I needed to do for me. Doesn't being an adult suck?? LOL! But I made the right decision and I still have a fun layout to show for it.

But as I said this is a scraplift. It's a scraplift of Ashley Caulder's Summer Lily layout in the June/July 2006 issue, page 118 which I loved.

In other news, just trying to get stuff done around here. I have magazine work and a circle journal that are first on the agenda today and then we have to make a trip to the pet store.

DS(who is 11 yo) is taking care of a cat and fish and numerous flowers for a neighbor that is out of town. When she asked me about it, I thought it was just a cat, but actually there was a fish included too. A fish without a filter in his tank which means that DS is having to do that too. Have I mentioned that I have NEVER been able to keep either fish nor plants alive??? Well, DS is very much like me. Sam, the fish died yesterday. We will be calling Sam's owner today to inform her of his sad passing and then off to find a Sam Jr so that the 5 yo little girl who lives with Sam will not be traumatized when she gets home to an empty tank.



Stamped In Ink said...

I don't mean to laugh at the passing of the fish but that cracked me up!
And yes, being an adult does suck sometimes!!

Stamped In Ink said...

Sorry, i was laughing and I forgot to add the LO is awesome!!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

All I can say is that you probably would have won with the great page and then where would have been. At that point being an adult would have been even harder.

Missy said...

Holy cow that layout is just beautiful. So sorry you had to be an adult this go round....but you are left with a knock out layout. OK, I had to laugh a little at the fish story as well....good luck finding sam jr.

Melanie said...


I totally understand the part of being a grown up. I have had to do alot of those decisions lately. But the layout is GREAT!!!
I hope all goes well with finding a Sam jr.

Anonymous said...

The layout is gorgeous - love the rustic feel and the way that goes with the photo.

Mary Jo said...

It's hard to be an adult sometimes...sigh.
But anyway, Christi, you know I think your work rocks!! :)

Anonymous said...


You and DS take after DF (your dear father) who actually lost ALL his fish in the pond. So you should just blame him! Your LO is absolutely fabulous!! What an inspiration you are to me! Can't wait to see your folks in a week or so.

Aunt Marcia

Anonymous said...

love that LO, but 'splain to me how it would have cost you to win? is it a trip or something?
am i ought of it or what? LOL

Rita said...

Man, being an adult is a pain! :) Your LO is awesome! I just love it!

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