Thursday, July 20, 2006

Contest layout...

Hey, Missy! No, I am not entering MMM. The ambiguities about the DT stuff was enough to keep me out. I will be entering HOF (Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame) again, but again simply because I think that it helps me grow as an artist and I like the challenge. Are you entering MMM (Memory Makers Masters)???

The contest that I was referring to is a scraplift contest on Cropper's Cottage. It is being sponsored by Scrapbook Answers and the prize is a ticket to their scrapbook getaway (aug 11-13th) which is valued at $495. If I won it, I would have no idea if I could even come up with the airfare and hotel costs to actually go, but it just happens to fall over my birthday so I think that I deserve to at least make an effort.

The contest is to take a layout from any of the Scrapbook Answers magazines and scraplift them. I did two different layouts although I am pretty sure that I can only enter one and then put it up to a family vote as to which one I would enter. This is the one that didn't win in the family vote (although it was my Dad's and DH's favorite.) It is a scraplift from the Feb/Mar 2006 issue. The original layout that I scraplifted is on page 61 and is an art journal entry by Liz Eaton. Here is my version:

I am still rolling around ideas in my head for the creative prompt...I want to get a little more artistic with that circle detail, but I haven't quite figured out how yet. That is my goal for this afternoon...

I hope that you all are having a creative day!


Anonymous said...

great the simplicity and RED!!!!!

domestic goddess said...

lovely LO christi :)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Morning, yes the circle on the creative prompt took me in and I did a page that I haven't posted yet..not quite finished. However, once in the circle I just kept going around and around and before I knew it I had jumped out and abandoned the prompt. I'm going to try again.
Thanks for visiting and leaving your mark.

Missy said...

oooohhh I LOVE that lift. Beautiful colors. Good luck with the contest Christi....that would be so fun to go to the getaway. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Yes, I am giving MMM another shot. I was also a bit concerned about all the requirements, but since my chances of winning are slim to none I decided to enter anyway. Like you I am mainly using the contest as a growth opportunity. I am happy with my entry that will be mailed tomorrow - if my copies come today.

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