Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Writing on Wednesday...Big Bad Wolf

I am a HUGE fan of the new show, Once Upon a Time, and would love to write a series of books based upon the classic fairy tales. So yesterday, I was thinking about this in the shower and the idea for a new series was born. I am thinking that this could be part of an ongoing series where the fairy tales are re-invented into modern day stories...past lives, repressed memories, etc...

They say that all stories and legends are based, in part, on fact.
Do you think that’s true?
Even the fairy tales…

Amanda awoke with a start. The wolf was after her again. She had the same dream/nightmare night after night. It frightened her, but it also aroused her and that was something that completely confused her. She didn’t remember her past, but what kind of twisted person was she that she became turned on by a wolf baring his fangs at her? It was a wolf….a really ferocious dog that looked like he could eat her… and it turned her on. That was so wrong on so many levels.

Amanda glanced over at the clock and groaned. It was 3:27 AM and her alarm clock was going to start buzzing in three minutes. It was time to get her ass out of bed and head into the bakery for this morning’s prep work, but the residual adrenaline and arousal from her dream made her want to snuggle back into her warm covers. What did the dreams mean? Why couldn't she remember anything about herself prior to a year and a half ago? The wolf dreams had to be a clue, but Amanda wasn't sure if she was strong enough to delve into them even further. What if she didn't like what she discovered?

These are my words so you are not allowed to copy, alter, or re-print them anywhere else without my permission. ;o)

Granted, it's not much more than an idea right now, but I am excited about it. I am thinking that these would be novellas....around 40,000-60,000 words. What do you think? What other fairy tales would you like to see re-done in modern day??

My initial thoughts:
*Beauty & the Beast
*Robin Hood
*The Elves & the Shoemaker

Tell me your thoughts...


michib said...

great idea! I love Wednesdays now because it means I can come and get lost in a story on your blog :)
hmmm... other fairy tales, cinderella, snow white

Lisa H. said...

I loooove that new show, too. I'm hooked. sounds great! keep the ideas flowing....I'm so amazed by you!

Linda said...

Christi this card is super.

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